Viking’s Players Praise God in their Interviews After Playoff Win

Broaden horizons… miracles come in many different ways.

I love how the Case Keenum and Stefon Diggs praised God and spoke about God in their interviews after the Vikings Playoff win last Sunday.

The miracle football play by Case Keenum and Stefon Diggs of the Minnesota Vikings.

Get ready for the explosion of happiness. This should make you smile, unless you are a New Orleans Saints fan or some of the Green Bay Packer fans.

The next video is a sideline view of the game winning touchdown.


Louder and closer explosion of happiness and celebrations. This will definitely make you SMILE… I hope. Happiness makes me smile.

The next video is the interview by Case Keenum, the quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings, after their miracle win playoff game last Sunday, January 14, 2108.

Case Keenum said,

“This is one of the three best moments of my life.

The best moment was when I gave my life to Christ,

the second was when I married my wife

and this is the third.”

I love his words. What a great man.

Next video – Stefon Diggs interview. 

Stefon Diggs said,

“I ran a route and my QB gave me a great throw. God took care of the rest.

I give all the glory to God. I give Him the praise on this great Sunday.

I still don’t know what just happened. I really don’t. All I can say is, give it to God. Without Him nothing is possible. Without Him I would not be here.

Damn, that shit feels good.

God put me in the position and I just tried to take advantage of my opportunities.”

Then Stefon Diggs is overcome with tears of joy and thankfulness. I love Stefon Diggs.

Here is another great interview by Stefon Diggs…

I love my Minnesota Vikings!

I am very nervously excited for the NFC Championship game tomorrow. I will be watching and cheering on my team. I am so excited!!!

Yay! Go Vikings! Skol!!!

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