Stop Tunnel Vision

Let’s stop tunnel vision,

and have funnel vision.

It is a much better view.

Tunnel vision is having an extreme narrowness of viewpoint.

People who have tunnel vision are not open to seeing the world with different colored glasses.

They tend to see the world in only black and white, when the world is in “living-color,”

full of many different, beautiful, bright and vivid multitudes of shades and hues of color, people, races and ideas.

With tunnel vision, your vision is narrow, limited, blurred and sometimes blocked to seeing the openness and realities of the world around you.

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When you have tunnel vision, it is difficult to learn and accept new ideas and beliefs in our ever-changing society and world.

I want to have funnel vision, where negative things from my life and past will be filtered out of me and discarded, so I can no longer see them.

Funnel vision is when positivity, beauty, joy and love from the Lord, other people and life are funnelled through your body and stay permanently in my soul,

positively changing your vision of yourself, others, life and the world.

I pray tunnel vision will be replaced by funnel vision,

so we can have a better view of the world and people in it.

We should be open to seeing, accepting and loving all people as they are.

Your vision is blocked when you are in a tunnel.

Get out of the tunnel you are in,

and your vision will open up to see new horizons,

and the openness of the sky and world and people around you.

Don’t miss out.

Get out of your tunnel.

Funnel beauty, love and joy from the Lord to reach your heart and soul,

and share it with everyone you see and meet.

Having God in your life, heart and spirit,

changes your vision

and causes a much better view

of your life and the world around you.

~written by Sue Walz

“Every person mistakes the limits of their own field of vision for the limits of the world.” ~unknown

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“Get out of your tunnel, and see yourself and the world differently.” ~Sue Walz

Here another post I wrote today titled “Close the Tunnel Vision of Mental illness Stigma.” Thank you for taking a peak and reading my post and I hope you like it.

Have a fabulous day.  Love and hugs, Sue

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