From My Head to the Tips of My Toesies

Covered from the top of my head to the tips of my toesies,

should mean I am happy, relaxed, content, comfy and cozy,

but I’m tired of being ill,

sick and tired of it still.

My cold and flu symptoms began before the Christmas season,

working too much and overdoing it was most likely the reason,

I became plagued with the horrific symptoms of my awful influenza,

causing me to miss my Christmas Holiday and the love and joy it brings ya.

This was probably the worst Christmas I ever had

as I had to cancel all my Christmas festivities with my family.

I was too ill to do anything and my youngest daughter and I were contagious

and did not want to share and spread our Christmas germs to others.

I know Jesus’ birth is the reason for the season, so I had that joy and love in my heart,

but I missed being with my other children and enjoying our traditional Christmas part.

I pray my illness will finally go away,

and I will become well, hopefully today.

Meanwhile I will keep covered from my head to the tips of my toesies,

trying to get well and become happy, relaxed, content, comfy and cozy,

Shortly before the onset of my cold and nasty flu bug, I also experienced a suicidal depression episode. Since I have ultra rapid cycling, it only lasted a couple of days, but of course that was long enough and dangerous at the time. I need to continue to be strong and not let my flu bug interfere with my mental health.

I now need to be strong and fight the depression that could possibly set in after experiencing the downside of being physically ill and missing out on my Christmas Holiday. I never know.

We must always be extra careful after experiencing a flu bug or a cold or other physically illnesses, because they can bring many people down. People with mental illness and everyone, must be aware of our mental health and pay close attention to our mental health when we are experiencing any physical illness.

Christmas is always my favorite holiday and I truly missed it. I was unable to make myself even function enough to make my dinner or celebrate with my family in any way because of the severe symptoms of my influenza. I had everything ready, I bought all the food, supplies, decorations, wrapping paper and gifts and I was completely ready for  my favorite holiday.

My son and daughter-in-law were coming over and I had to cancel and tell them not to come. I was too ill and my youngest daughter was too ill as well and plus I knew she was very contagious at the time. We didn’t want my son and daughter in-law to become ill. They are going on a cruise soon and I would have felt terrible if I exposed them to this horrific flu bug. This is a bad strain and is no fun.

I think I am finally getting better and getting towards the end of my illness. I hope so, anyway. I think I will survive the flu.

I have to fight not to let missing Christmas affect me mentally. I need to let it go and realize there is nothing I can do about it. I must stay mentally well and strong now, especially while I am feeling down and very drained and fatigued from my flu bug.

I will continue to fight my physical illness and fight to keep my mental health well. I will fight any depression that could come. I will fight the negative or sad thoughts and try to stay as positive as I can while I am fighting the end of this nasty, ugly, old flu bug.

I am also a little worried that my part-time job will be mad at me as I could not work and had to miss two of my shifts. I know I was truly too ill to work, but I feel they may be upset with me and may not believe me as it was over the Christmas Holiday and some people would call in sick when they are not. I know the truth though and I pray they do too.

I want to keep that job until I can find a new part-time job. The hours they had me work during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday seasons were ridiculous and were too much for me. I will never work those type of hours during the Holiday again. My family comes first and life is too short.

My current part-time job is another story for another time, but I could use some prayers to get a great new job and prayers that I do not get fired before I find a new job. I need the little bit of extra money as my bills are out of the world right now. My youngest daughter is a Senior this year and is quite expensive this year. She deserves the things I am trying to get her.

Thank you for reading everyone. I am sorry I have been away from my blog lately. I am going to try to catch up on reading and commenting. I have missed it.

Stay well everyone and I hope you don’t catch my flu bug through the computer… hahaha…


May your heart and all your days, overflow with abundant blessings of good health, love, joy and peace forever and always.

Love and hugs, Sue

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    1. Thank you very much. I appreciate your kindness. I am still fighting this flu bug… and it has seemed to trigger my bipolar symptoms. I am fighting but it is not fun. I pray I will make it through again. I am looking forward to feeling well and happy again. Hugs, Sue

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