A Cacophony of Words Inside My Mind

My bipolar and PTSD can cause a cacophony of words inside my mind.

Thoughts and words fighting with each other, peace they cannot find.

Words and thoughts of past verbal abuse causing words of worry and fear,

racing rapid thoughts telling me dangerous lies that my suicide is near.

Hurtful words telling me that no one cares, I’m worthless, fat, a loser and a dope.

Cannot escape from this cacophony inside my mind. Trapped inside without hope.

My bipolar mood poles can switch and change,

a full spectrum of moods with a variety of range.

Bipolar has two mood poles of depression and mania, and sometimes episodes mixed.

When the cacophony inside my mind turns to euphony, my symptoms have been fixed.

My brain healed itself again, filled up with an euphony of words, thoughts and sound,

a peaceful, sweet harmony of words and chemicals blended together and found.

Euphony is my victory, my mind full of love, joy and peace. I have been blessed.

Knowing God saved me, loves me and will never leave me. Praise God. He is the best.

I went to my daughter Alexia’s robed select choir concert last night and got to experience euphony inside my mind throughout the concert. What a gift and a blessing that was. Thank you God for the beauty of music.

I showed a video of this same song in September with a different choir singing the song. I love this song so much that I am using it again, but this time with my daughter’s choir singing the song instead.

These words were found written on a wall in a concentration camp after World War 2…

“I believe in the sun, even when it’s not shining.
I believe in love, even when I feel it not.
I believe in God, even when He is silent.”

This song is sung using only these three lines throughout the entire song…

Please take a listen. It is an exquisitely beautiful song and sound.

This song is full of hope…

Experience euphony inside your mind.

The title of this song is “Even When He is Silent”

(I am sorry for my very poor video image. Just close your eyes and listen… hahaha….)

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