Ascend to the Top and Stop Mental Illness Stigma

If we just keep educating, increasing awareness and talking about mental illness, we will ascend to the top and stop mental illness stigma and the stigma associated with suicide.

We must keep the dialog open and keep communicating as much as we can about mental illness. Mental illness needs to become a natural part of our everyday conversations. Then people will begin to understand what mental illness is. We need to make people aware of what mental illness stigma is and how it can negatively impact people’s lives and can wound our souls.

People need to become aware of what stigmatizing language is, what words stigmatize and how and why those stigmatizing words hurt and can affect us negatively. Some people just do not know or understand and maybe to know fault of their own? Maybe.

So, it is time for all of us to teach them and talk about mental illness. It is time to…

Just Do It

There is Nothing to It

Just do it.

Just talk about it.

Just open up the dialog about mental illness.

Just keep the dialog going.

Just communicate.

Just make people aware.

Just educate.

Just talk about it.

Just do it.

Stop mental illness stigma.

There is a reason for all my hoopla. I have an excellent example of how I was recently very fortunate and blessed to be able to teach someone who had a very open heart and receptive ears to learn and to understand what mental illness stigma was. He didn’t understand that some words he was using were stigmatizing. So I was blessed to be able to teach him. My story may end up being kind of long, so I will explain my positive and hope-filled story in a blog post in the very near future. I have started my story for the upcoming post, but unfortunately have not had time to complete it yet.

I know we can make a difference. I have some good news and examples about making a difference and teaching people what mental illness stigma is and how it negatively impacts and affects many people’s lives. Some people really do not know or understand. I cannot believe that they wouldn’t know, but they do not. I guess if they haven’t heard about it, thought about it, been exposed to it, then they just don’t get it. So, that is why we must teach them to get it, to learn and to understand what words and actions stigmatize and how and why they must…  stop using stigmatizing words and stop mental illness stigma.

Just Do It

Just talk about mental illness.

Just talk about mental illness.

Just Do It

Then Do it Again

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    1. Thank you very much for reading and I am happy you liked it. I always appreciate your reading my blog and your always very kind comments. They mean a lot to me. I am trying to write my memoir right now, so I am very behind on reading other blogs but after November hopefully I can read other blogs again too… like more of yours… Your blog is awesome and your are a wonderful awesome lovely lady. More love and hugs from Sue

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