“I’m The Ugliest Girl I Know” a Reblog

I reblogged this article from Being Lydia because, it was so powerful and well written. I think everyone has felt this way. I have never had good self-esteem of myself throughout my entire life. This comes from negative words spoken and negative actions from my childhood and youth. I never felt thin enough that is for sure. I thought I was gross and fat when I weighed 135 pounds when I was 29 years old and was working out. This was right before I began having children… and then there was a few pounds I couldn’t get rid of after childbirth and then the tsunami of bipolar hit with all of its many weight gaining medications and the rest was history. I never felt I my face was pretty either, but make-up was my magic and helped me feel better about how my face looked.

I have to say the stigma of mental illness has negatively affected my self-esteem as well. Most of the time I try to forget about the many negative events and experiences I have lived through and survived since my diagnosis of bipolar and other mental illnesses and try holding my head high. However, the truth and reality of mental illness stigma sometimes wins and weighs heavier on my soul and weighs me down.

Being Lydia!

That title is a quote from Pink’s acceptance speech at the VMA awards and refers to what her 6-year-old daughter, Willow, said on her way to school one day. However, it is something I said many times myself at that age and all through my life.

Pink’s speech is very powerful and should be seen by every girl – no, every female regardless of age because sexuality bullying knows no boundaries.

When I was in grade one or two I had to start wearing clunky orthopedic shoes because I was pigeon-toed. They were brown and did actually look like boy’s shoes. Also, my mom kept my hair in a pixy cut. As a result, I was called “a boy in a dress” at school and everywhere I went.

This bullying progressed to being called a dog, a clutz, a fat pig, and other such endearing terms. I tried wearing different…

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    1. You are very welcome. I did not write this… but I had to reblog it because I loved it as well. It was written and posted by Being Lydia. I had to reblog this one. It touched my heart and soul. It was so powerful and written well and very beautifully. I loved “Pink’s” video as well, but it broke my heart at the same time that her beautiful daughter feels that way about herself. Hopefully, Pink’s love and powerful statements will help her little girl and many other young girls and older people around the world. Hugs, Sue

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