The Recovery Letters – Addressed to People Experiencing Depression.

I needed to read these words today as I am in the midst of a severe suicidal depression with suicidal thoughts flooding my mind. “There is a clear difference between believing that you can’t, and knowing that you can’t.” First after I read those words I thought instantly that it is simple and I know that “I can’t.” Then my mind flickered a small thought that I must have this little speck of belief and hope somewhere because I am still alive and here. I am still fighting, barely, but I am fighting to keep breathing.

This is an excellent post and is why I reblogged it. I loved the letter and it sparked a little hope. Sometimes we just need a spark to light the fire of life back into us and I pray that is the situation for me today. I pray these words may help someone that is struggling and is in need of help, like I am right now at this point in my life.


The Manic Years

the recovery letters

Last year, I had the honour to be approached by the founder of The Recovery Letters blog, James Withey, who asked me to submit a letter for his upcoming book, the Recovery Letters – Addressed to People Experiencing Depression, which compiled letters from people who had once suffered – to the currently suffering.

My contribution made it through to final print, and when I got the package through from Jessica Kingsley publishers with a copy of the book, I wept with absolute joy. Upon reading the extracts, the book offers a real inspirational insight in to what it feels like to suffer, and each letter is raw with relatable stories, advice and hope.

Here is my contribution to the book.

From Megan. 

“Dear You,


Struggling with Depression is one of closest things a human being can endure to being stuck in time.

I’m sharing these thoughts from experience. It…

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