I Apologize… and Pray This is a Blessing in Disguise


I would like to apologize to all of my blogging friends and followers and to anyone that may be a new blogging friend. I am sorry that I have repeated blog posts and made some testing type of blog posts (that I have deleted now). I realize that may have been annoying and/or confusing to you.

I began my blog on September 27, 2016 and wrote and posted my very first actual post on September 28, 2016. Wow. So, next month it will be my one year anniversary for my blog. My writing has been quite a journey and I believe my writing has improved quite a bit for me, which is great. I needed to improve and I continue to need improvement in all areas my writing in my blog and books. I strive to get better every day with my style of writing, my subjects, format and content.

I used the daily word prompt post often for many months of my blogging journey. it helped me in many ways and sparked my creativity into writing more poetry than I ever wrote before and I enjoyed that. That has been fun. It gave me a word to use if I needed help coming up with a subject or an idea for the day. Honestly, I  never usually need help with that as my brain is usually moving so rapidly that I have too many ideas. So, maybe the one word prompts organized my brain better to concentrate on one idea for that particular day. Also, using that daily word prompt helped me to improve my writing style and learn how to become a better writer over the many months I have been writing my blog. Also, I loved when my posts were placed on the daily word prompt grid because it helped bring more readers to look at my site and my posts and blog. It helped me get more followers and I need that.

I cannot get the daily word prompt to work right now, so I must say goodby to that lovely tool that helped me out greatly for many months. To be honest, occasionally and for a while, you may see a daily word prompt at the end of some of my posts unrelated to what I wrote. I will still be testing the waters to see if my pingbacks will work again, so my posts will show up on the daily word prompt post grid. They are not now. I tried getting help from the helpers from Word Press but they could not figure it out either.

Anyway, I just wanted to explain the reason behind my last four or five posts and why I posted them the way I did. Those days are over. I am done. I am frustrated and wasted way too much time trying to figure it all out. It may just be something very silly in my blog that is causing it to be blocked or something, but my lack of computer expertise is not helping and could be a factor with the problem, as well.

I always tried to relate the daily word prompts to my bipolar and mental illness in some way. However, now I will have more freedom with my writing to just write where my heart and mind leads me. I am going to write my blogs in a different manner concentrating more on educational type of material related to mental illness and/or my daily personal life and experiences much more than I did in the past.

Plus, I will have more time to research and read more etc. Also, it is going to give me much more time to concentrate and work on writing and finishing my actual memoir, my dream, the memoir and book I must finish. I want to share my story in a book form, not just poetry and a blog or post here or there.

To be a good writer, I don’t believe you must have a degree in writing or be an expert in style and know-how and know all the bazillion rules of correct grammar and punctuation usage at all times. But, of course you have to be able to have the basics. I have the basics and I can spell and of course I know how to use google to look up anything and everything. By the way, I do use google search often for many reasons.

I do not believe I am an awesome writer, and never have been, but I have a huge passion and an awesome and important platform for why I write, why I love to write and why I must write. To be a good writer, most importantly you must have the heart and love for writing and that is what makes you a good writer. I have the heart, the passion and the realization that I must be a strong, important, knowledgeable, inspirational voice to spread the words of mental illness and mental illness stigma. I pray my writing is good enough for that and I pray I can help others and make a positive impact, difference and inspiration in the lives of many people with my writing, my words and my voice in many important ways.

Thank you for reading and please accept my apologies for my last two testing posts and repeating two of my last posts.

Now on to the new journey of my blogging experience… without the daily word prompt post. I pray it improves my writing, posts and my blog.

I believe there are no accidents in life and I pray this is a blessing in disguise.

*addition since last posted* Just so you know, since I first posted this post a wonderful amazing genuis blogger hopeforheather gave me a new technique she uses for the daily word prompt and it worked for me too. Hip hip hurray. Now I can use her technique and still use the daily word prompts if I have a good post to share. I still need to concentrate on the other areas of my writing as I mentioned above, but I was going to miss the daily word prompt posting. I do love some features of the daily word prompt post, especially that it helps bring new bloggers to my blog and I always need help with that for sure. Thank you Heather and thank you everyone who is reading my blog. Love, hugs and blessings always and forever.  Sue

Don’t forget to check out Heather’s blog (link above). It is a great blog and she is an amazing lady.

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