Depression Has No Face!

Great article. I have become a master of disguise and pretending for over 25 years to hide my severe pain caused from my bipolar 1 disorder. I cannot wear a cast on my broken brain or walk with a limp to show you how much pain I am in. So, I hide my pain. You cannot see it. That is why you hear so often… “He seemed fine last week or yesterday” but then died by suicide the next day. He was not fine and he had been hiding his severe pain for many years most likely. Anyway… Please pay attention to people. Don’t just assume they are better or fine. You cannnot see our pain. Mental illness is truly an invisible illness as many others are. Please read this great post that I reblogged.

They Once Called Her Pumpkin...

“Chrissy Teigen on Depression Criticism”

It was an Yahoo Celebrity article that showed up in my Facebook feed.

The headline immediately captures my attention…

I watched the video tell the story of how Chrissy Teigen (celebrity, model, married to John Legend…come on…you know who she is…) has recently opened up with her battle with postpartum depression after giving birth to her daughter…. and THIS confession apparently led to a backlash! People were actually leaving comments about how she doesn’t ‘look’ like she suffers and saying she was being ‘melodramatic’…


This infuriates me!

I know that Ms. Teigen does not need me to have her back- She is as tough as nails and she certainly has done a great job handling the situation by calling these people out.

However here is my thing…

There are people that DO need me and others to speak up against these kinds of…

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