My Bipolar Tears are Unable to Drain

There they are again. I remember them well.

My tears near the surface, starting to swell.

They need to be freed

from my bipolar creed.

My tear,

so near.

I try to cry,

fly to the sky,

pour and soar free,

just flee, get out of me.

Tears peak and leak out

Spout out and shout out.

Show and tell everyone the severe pain

bipolar causes, how it reverses my gain.

Deep sorrow, pain and tears are stuck within,

as severe depression makes me unable to grin.

Tears not wanting to come,

but I know what they’re from.

My severe bipolar has returned to my mind,

causing deep sorrow and pain of the worst kind.

Pain and tears stuck deep inside,

encircling my brain large and wide,

protruding to the back and top of my head,

so many tears that won’t flood my eyes and shed.

I know it should help and make me feel better

if my tears would let loose and become wetter.

Leak out, bring out my pain and sadness with each wet tear

crying feels good when tears need to come and are so near.

Inside my head, the pain is too intense and deep.

My pain remains inside me and I’m unable to weep.

Pain, sorrow and tears overwhelm me,

won’t leave me, let me be or set me free,

My intense sorrow and pain,

way too deep inside my brain,

causing my tears to be unable to drain.

Copyright © By Susan Walz and – All written content and personal artwork is © and Susan Walz. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author/owner/artist is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to My Loud Bipolar Whispers and/or Susan Walz with appropriate and specific directions to the original content. 

Artwork is form Deviant Art


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