I Will Be Away For About Four Days

I wanted to let you all know that I will be away for about four days. I won’t be able to post until Friday.

Monday morning my daughter Alexia and I will be going on a fun little mini vacation and adventure for a few days. We are going to have a few days to get away and spend some quality time together. I am very excited about it and am looking forward to it. I pray everything will go as planned and better than planned. My daughter deserves to have a great time on our little trip. This is for her.

Since Alexia is a Senior this year, we are going to visit three colleges of her choice. On Monday we will be going to Mankato, Minnesota to visit Minnesota State University. I am looking forward to that visit a lot, because that was the college I attended for five years and graduated from with a BS in Elementary Education and Special Education. It will be great to see my college again. I have not been there for over 28 years or so. Plus, Alexia heard they have a Chik-fil-a there. We will have to stop and eat lunch there because we love Chik-fil-a and we do not have any here in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Yum! Yum! Here we come Mankato and Chik-fil-a.

After we are done touring Minnesota State campus and eating at Chik-fil-a, we are going to travel to the Minneapolis and St.Paul Minnesota area (the twin cities as they are called). We will be staying in a hotel there for two nights. We are going to tour The University of Minnesota and Concordia college on Tuesday.

I am a huge Prince fan and so we are going to tour his house. I am looking forward to that. We will also eat at some nice restaurants and lastly go the The Mall of America for some great shopping.

We may see my uncle and my cousin and possibly my parents as they live in the area. I am actually from the Minneapolis area and I will always love Minnesota. You just can’t take the Minnesota girl out of me. I will always be a true Minneapolis gal and Minnesota Vikings fan and a forever Prince fan. RIP Prince.

Mostly the trip is for my daughter and I to spend some nice quality time together and visit the colleges she chose to tour. It is for her future and for us to have some fun.

Yay! I am looking forward to our well deserved mini vacation and adventure.

I pray everyone has a very happy, healthy and blessed week. See you soon… I mean write and read soon. Love, hugs and blessings, Sue


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