My Book is Finally Complete With a New Title, Newly Edited and is in Print and EBook Forms

I am sorry I have been away from my blog and reading other blogs again. I worked about forty hours last week at my part-time job and have spent many hours working on my book. I was editing and formatting my book and making my book into an ebook, as well. I cannot believe it took so much time and took so long to edit my book and then re-edit etc. etc. But, I am finally done with that book.

I edited my book and changed the title to “My Bipolar Memoir of Poetry and Hope.”
My book can now be ordered in print book or as an ebook. My print book is 226 pages.

My book is a memoir that shares my story of what it’s like to live, survive and eventually thrive with Bipolar 1 Disorder. Through my unique and creative approach of using poetry and prose, I take the reader with me on my journey full of pain, sorrows, losses, suicide attempts, homelessness, the ups and downs of bipolar and how I learned to cope, reach recovery and became a bipolar survivor. My journey shows my strength, resiliency and perseverance to overcome my many obstacles and struggles throughout my life and is full of hope, love, inspiration and my faith in God. My collection of poetry and prose express my pain, sorrow, courage, resiliency, inspiration and hope, all at the same time. Honestly and openly, I share my deep and most inner thoughts in a manner that lets the reader enter inside my mind showing what it’s like to live with bipolar, which can be very sad, lonely and painful, but can also be a very positive life full of hope, love and the joy of living and survival. I hope my book will inspire and give hope to everyone that reads it.

Now onto my next project and finishing my actual memoir, which is not written using poetry and prose but is written in the typical memoir style.

I like to look at this book, “My Bipolar Memoir of Poetry and Hope,” as my first book and as the prequel to my memoir. Most of my poems are in my blog, but they have been edited, organized and arranged in a sequential, easy to read and understand style to help the reader learn about my life living and surviving severe bipolar 1 disorder and be full of inspiration, hope, faith and love of life and living.

I chose my best poems and posts and find it much easier to read my work in the print form, so you can actually hold on to my book and to read my words. It is organized in an easy to follow chapter format, so you can find your favorite words to read to give you hope. encouragement and inspiration or just to educate you or anyone on bipolar disorder, mental illness and mental illness stigma etc.

This would also be a great book to give to someone else who has never seen my blog and can be a great book to educate others on mental illness and be an inspirational book to give anyone hope to know that life can always get better and to see that there is beauty and joy in life and living. Additionally, my book shows how God can and does heal illness, and changes and saves lives, as He has done in my life many times throughout my life.

Here is the link that will bring you to my page for more information about my book and how to order copies of my book.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

You can order it from right now, but it eventually will be with and etc. but that will take a few more weeks.

This is the cover of my print book.

My Bipolar Memoir of Poetry and Hope

This is a copy of the front and back cover of my print book.

This is the cover of my ebook.

My Bipolar Memoir of Poetry and Hope



    1. No. I did it all myself. You can pay or do it yourself. It was free this time. My next real memoir (without poetry I want to test the market and see if I cam find a publisher first. We will see. A girl has to dream.


      1. Yes, I was very impressed with and was very happy to find the site. It took me a while to learn how to do the correct formatting to make everything work and to edit and re-edit all by myself. I was impressed and love how it is all free except the purchase of your books. Please let me know if I can help you with the process in anyway. I would love to help you since I already went through the time consuming process of learning some of the formatting procedures etc. Now the test will be to see if I can market my book and see if and when the book will get on and like they say it does. It does say that process could take up to 4-6 weeks and that is understandable. Good luck and please let me help if you need any help. I will be happy to answer any questions I can. Have fun. I thought it was fun, but very time consuming for me. Blessings, Sue


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