I Lust for What I Cannot Have (Daily Word Prompt is Lust)

I lust for what I cannot have.

I lust for what I used to have.

I lust for all I lost.

I lust for the life I once lived.

I lust for the person I used to be

I lust for my life before bipolar.

I lust for my sadness to disappear.

I lust for the thoughts of my lust to stop creating sorrow.

I lust for a man I will never have,

for the man I lust  would never lust for me.

I lust for my children to have wonderful futures.

I lust for the money to buy all the things my daughter needs for her senior year.

I lust to find a perfect college for my daughter that will make her happy and be the beginning of all her dreams coming true.

I lust to stop worrying about the things I cannot control and give them all to God.

I lust to have my faith in God increase again. I pray for peace in my heart, soul and mind.

I lust to stop lusting but, I lust just because I must.

I lust for the chocolate I cannot have, because I am dieting, once again.

I lust to be thin.

I lust to be happy.

I lust for my loneliness to stop.

I lust to like myself.

I lust to have people love me.

I lust to be loved.

I lust to have a zest for life again. It has disappeared at this moment and I am lusting to lust for life.

I lust to have success in life. My success in life is anything that makes me happy and feel loved. I am successful if I am happy and loved.

I am not succesful right now.

So, I lust for happiness and I lust for love.

I am alive, which is a huge accomplishment and a miracle in my severe bipolar life.

I lust to love life again.

I lust to have a life worth loving and living.

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