Get Stigma Out of the Shallow Ends of the Pool (Daily Word Prompt is Shallow)

If you cannot swim, you stay in the shallow ends of the pool

If you stigmatize people with mental illness, you stay in the shallow ends of your mind.

People who jump in a shallow puddle of water, will get their feet wet.

People who are stigmatized by mental illness, get hurt, injured and their lives can become negatively impacted in many ways.

Stop the stigma of mental illness.

Unfortunately, stigma still exists today due to the lack of knowledge, understanding and compassion of shallow people who wrongly judge, shame and treat people who have mental illness with bias, prejudice, shame and cruelty.

Shallow people do not have the emotional or intellectual capacity or depth to increase their awareness, knowledge, understanding, insight and compassion for mental illness.

It is time they learn. It is time we teach them. It is time to share our stories. It is time to get our voices heard.

The time is now. The timer is on. We must not run out of time. Every timer that goes off before our work is done, is another tragedy of a life lost to suicide or another person’s life affected in a hurtful and negative way.

We must educate. We must teach. We must communicate. We must talk. We must open up the dialog. We cannot hide anymore.

We must show off our abilities and capabilities to let everyone know all we can do. We must show everyone our strength, courage, resiliency, perseverance and our hope. We must show everyone the depths of our character, the beauty of our minds, hearts and souls.

Get people out of the shallow ends of the pool and teach them to swim. Get people out of the shallow ends of their minds, and teach them about mental illness. Get people out of the shallow ends of their minds and increase the depth of their understanding, kindness, love and compassion.

We must show everyone that we are surviviors. We should all be celebrated because each day of our lives is a victory.

Stigma is shallow. Stop stigma now.

“Perfection is shallow, unreal, and fatally uninteresting.” ~Anne Lamott

I have a chapter on mental illness stigma in my new book I just fiinshed titled “A Bipolar Memoir of Poetry and Prose.”

Here is the link to my last post that has the information about my book.

My Bipolar Memoir of Poetry and Prose

“A Bipolar Memoir of Poetry and Prose” This is the link to my book publisher page, if you would like to take a look at it and may be interested in purchasing my book. I discounted the price already.

Same link:

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