Light my Flame and Illuminate Life (Daily Word Prompt is Taper)

If I was a candle,

I would be a taper,

so I could be a beautiful, tall and slender candle,

lit in a beautiful silver candelabra.

If I was a candle,

I would be important in many ways.

My flame would burn

and shine a beautiful light,

emoting delight and admiration,

in everyone that saw me

flickering and shining

the beauty of my flame

and the glow of my light.

With my flame burning and glowing brightly,

I am beautiful and important,

many people can sense the significance

and importance of the moment I symbolize.

A candle symbolizes light in the darkness of life,

a symbol of holy illumination of the spirit of truth.

I could be held tightly and lovingly in the hands of a loved one

in remembrance of the loved one’s death.

The beautiful glow of my small flame could pay tribute to a life passed,

keeping my light burning in remembrance of a loved one’s passing

to signify that their memory will always live on

and shine on, burning brightly and beautifully for the world to see.

My light illuminates beauty and represents Christ as the light of the world.

A lit candle represents and illuminates life.

I can turn darkness into light,

shining brightly for the world to see.

I illuminate life.

Here is a link  to today’s “Tune in June for Hoping and Caring.”

This is a great song called “Hope in Front of Me” by Danny Gokey. It also correlates with this post a little bit with lyrics like…

There’s hope in front of me
There’s a light, I still see it
There’s a hand still holding me
Even when I don’t believe it…..

Please check out the song and video. I think you will love it.

Hopefully it will make you happy, inspire you and give you hope.

May your day overflow with love, hope and blessings.

Love and hugs.  Sue

Copyright © By Susan Walz and – All written content and personal artwork is © and Susan Walz. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author/owner/artist is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to My Loud Bipolar Whispers and/or Susan Walz with appropriate and specific directions to the original content. (With the exclusion of the song, video and lyrics from the song “Hope in Front of Me” by Danny Gokey.)



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