The Triumph of my Victory (Daily Word Prompt is Triumph)

Even though I never knew it, throughout the entire race and journey of my life, I was winning.

Every step I took during my long bipolar marathon of life, I was one little step closer to my victory.

I was always leading my race towards the victory of my life.

I was winning, I just didn’t know it.

I triumphed throughout the distance of my life,

surviving my many struggles,

sorrows and losses,

traumas and tragedies

caused from my bipolar disorder and PTSD.

Without the agony of defeat first, there could be no true victory.

Triumph can never be truly experienced or felt unless you have a trial to overcome.

When you have a battle to fight, you must find a reason to fight with all the hope, determination, perseverance, courage and strength you can find from deep within your soul, so you can become victorious over the struggles, sorrows, losses and obstacles of your life.

Each tiny little step I took was a huge step in the progress of my achievement to overcome, survive and live the beautiful life I deserve to live.

My triumphs and my victories may seem miniscule to some people who have never faced trauma, struggles, losses, or sorrows.

My triumphs and my victories may seem miniscule to some people who have never traveled down the same paths of the journey of my life.

My triumphs and my victories may seem miniscule to those who do not live with bipolar disorder or any other type of mental illness of any kind.

I triumphed over the huge climb of my bipolar journey from when I once lived at the very bottom of despair and the destruction of my life,

reaching now towards the triumph of my victory of living the life I have been blessed to live.

I continue on with my journey and voyage of my life embracing each new step on my path of recovery, fulfillment, success, love and joy.

Every day, little triumphs and major victories continue to transpire throughout the journey of my life.

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