As I Trace the Outline of My Life (Daily Word Prompt is Trace)

A memoir traces the outline of the history of a person’s life.

As I write my own memoir, I trace the outline of my life, filling in the formation of the outline I have traced, with words of imagery, emotion and events to tell the story of my life and journey living, surviving and thriving with bipolar disorder, PTSD and other mental illnesses.

As I visualize the outline of my life and my story within the formation of that outline, I pray my story will portray a beautiful portrait of a person that loves unconditionally and compassionately, gives people hope, faith, strength, courage, encouragement and inspiration to know they are not alone and that there is always hope for a bright and better tomorrow and a gloriously beautiful, happy and love-filled life and future.

As I write my own memoir, I pray God will help me write the words of my story to completion filling each page of my story with His love and compassion.

I am the pen, the fingers to type with, the tool to tell His story of the life he planned for me to live.

My memoir is retelling the story of my life that God has all ready written.

I am in the process of writing my memoir and will keep you posted on my progress.

I am also completing the compilation of my book of poetry, which is filled with a variety of poems about living life with bipolar disorder, survival, faith in God, the power of prayer and God’s healing, love, children, life, humor, a few silly poems and mostly poems to educate and increase awareness about mental illness, poems to portray beauty and the expression of encouragement, inspiration, FAITH, LOVE, and HOPE…  I will keep you posted on the progress of my book of poetry as well.

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      1. The reason I asked you about audio was because I am blind and audio is a better format for me, I can read kindle to though, but I really prefer audio it would be nice to if you read your own books but I know that’s not always possible


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