Hate Cannot Radiate (Daily Word Prompt is Radiate)

Hate cannot radiate

when your heart is full of love.

Be more than the  person that prays for others,

become the person that is the answer to their prayers.

Become the solution,

and the resolution.

Let God’s love shine through you

turning darkness into a brighter hue.

Hate cannot radiate,



or dominate

when love is overflowing,

glowing and bestowing,

reflecting like a mirror

to everyone far and near,

spreading love and cheer

to the lives of many,

to all and any.

When there is hope, there is life.

When there is life, there is hope.

Hoping and coping,

forgiving and living,

thriving and surviving.

Pause for your applause

for the beauty of your flaws

and the flaws of your beauty.

Pause for more applause.

Your prayers have been answered

now you’re the answer to their prayers.

Hate cannot radiate

when your heart is full of love.




  1. I have someone in my life that I’m trying my hardest to be at least an answer to some of their prayers. I really love this post of yours. It embodies everything I’m working towards being in my human experience.

    I give my applause to you.

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