I am Not a Quitter (Daily Word Prompt is Bitter)

There is a woman I know

who continues to grow.

She became a diet quitter,

so her clothes don’t fit her

and now she’s become bitter.

She failed her diet

after she tried it,

and failed her diet

after she tried it,

then tried

and cried,

then tried

and cried.

Then began to feel no good

so she ate what she could

and continued to feel no good.

She became very disgusted with herself again,

after seeing and realizing she had gained back ten

and wondered how much more she will gain and when.

She saw a picture of herself the other day

and there was nothing else she could say,

but seeing that picture was the very best way

for her to learn the truth about how terribly awful she looked

from eating the many different foods she bought and cooked.

So today she found renewed hope,

determination and ways to cope

with the fact that her weight loss must start now,

today right now, not later, she must learn how.

Exercise is going to be a big part of the plan,

doing it consistently, trying as hard as she can.

Of course the woman I am talking about is me,

that she happens to be me, who else could it be.

In September my son is getting married

my beautiful baby boy, the one I carried.

I do not want to be the mother of the groom

that has to wear ugly clothes with no room

to fit my body in

cloth up to my chin,

hiding my fat within.

Taking pictures, I do not want to have to hide

behind others,  because I am too fat and wide.

I want to look beautiful and good

the way I know I could and should,

being a beautiful hottie

with a brand new body.

They will barely recognize me

when they see me full of glee,

as I am not a quitter

and I will not be bitter.

It is time to start

with all my heart.

I must have hope, and a dream

of something other than ice cream.



Copyright © By Susan Walz and myloudbipolarwhispers.com – All written content and personal artwork is © myloudbipolarwhispers.com and Susan Walz. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author/owner/artist is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to My Loud Bipolar Whispers and/or Susan Walz with appropriate and specific directions to the original content.




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