My Manic Panic is Gigantic When… (Daily Word Prompt is Panicked)

My manic panic was gigantic…

when my children were young I panicked when they were out of my sight for a few seconds and my natural Mommy love and instincts created an instant internal anxiety of great fear for their safety.

My manic panic was gigantic…

when I lost my missing cell phone forever, only to embarrassingly realize I was using my cell phone to talk on, while I frantically searched for it.

My manic panic was gigantic…

when I could not find my eye glasses and looked for them everywhere, only to soon learn they were sitting on top of my head.

My manic panic was gigantic…

when I lost my car in the parking lot and roamed around aimlessly for seemingly endless hours, while other people were in a gigantic manic panic searching for their missing cars as well.

My manic panic was gigantic…

when I realized I did not wake up on time, because I was so tired I stayed in my bed half-consciously listening to my very loud music my alarm clock set off, too tired to wake up and get out of bed.

My manic panic was gigantic…

when I finally got out of bed and realized how little time I had left to get ready for work.

My manic panic was gigantic…

when I was driving as fast as I could to get to work on time, only to learn there was construction in front of me, slowing down the traffic and my pursuit to get to work on time too much, and causing me to be late for work…

and I hate being late for anything.

My manic panic is gigantic…

when I run out of coffee to start my day. I need my caffeine drug in my coffee to help me have a gigantic manic panic throughout the day.

My manic panic will be gigantic…

when I realize my actual manic bipolar symptoms have returned for an unwelcome visit, caused from my bipolar 1 disorder.

I will have to fight my bipolar mania symptoms, which I know I can do because I have overcome my bipolar mania many times before.

I am a bipolar survivor,

so my manic panic will not be so gigantic.

I will not become undone,

but will again overcome,

so I can,

once again,

stay alive,


and thrive.

(Picture was selected from Deviant Art Website)

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