Sometimes You are Not an Apprentice… (Daily Word Prompt is Apprentice)

When you have no answers for the beauty, perfection and talent you can see and hear in the world… I believe it has to be God. There are no other explanations.

This pair of beautiful, amazing, magnificent figure skaters from France are obviously not apprentice figure skaters.

I loved this routine so much. It was extremely beautiful and elegant to me showing beyond glorious perfection of techniques and strength and beauty that it doesn’t seem even humanly possible that anyone can do what they just did. How is it even possible?

It is only possible because of the gifts, talent and strengths God gave them.

I am amazed and speechless and in great awe of the talents and gifts God gives to others for all of us to enjoy and experience.

The emotion of this routine and God’s gifts to all of us creates music and joy to my heart and soul, brings tears of joy to my eyes and makes me smile.

I am feeling well today. Praise God for that.

However, I believe it imperative for all of us to appreciate and use all of our natural and manmade artistic gifts from God as often as possible to enjoy at any time in our lives and also to use to distract us from any pain, struggles or trauma we may be facing or going through at different seasons of our lives.

I believe these natural and manmade gifts from God are put on earth so we can all experience the magnificent pleasure and beauty and awe it places in our hearts and spirits during moments in our lives that we may need it them the most.

God is with us and in us all the time.

All of the beautiful God-given gifts and moments of time can give us hope that things in our lives will become better and that there is so much more to experience and enjoy in our lives… one moment at a time.


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