Reflect Peaceful Harmony Off the Mirrors of our Lives(Daily Word Prompt is Harmony)

Peaceful harmony needs to reflect off the mirrors of everyone,

and soon our lives will be full of peaceful harmony,

filling our world with joy, peace, love and unity for all.

Harmony inside my bipolar brain would produce positive and happy thoughts

and progressions of continuous joy and happiness,

creating pleasant feelings and effects of peaceful harmony within my mind.

Peaceful harmony overtaking my mind,

and spreading throughout my body

would create abundant…



and peace,

that would live inside my heart and soul,

from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

When I am filled with peaceful harmony,

my peaceful harmony will shine out


and radiantly

touching the hearts and souls of all I meet.

The beautiful glow of peaceful harmony living inside other people

will then radiate and shine out of them,

reflecting onto the many mirrors of others.

Peaceful harmony needs to reflect off the mirrors of everyone

and soon our lives will be full of peaceful harmony

filling our world with joy, peace, love and unity for all.

Please check out my other post that has the songs “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” with lyrics and “I’d Like to Buy A World a Coke.” I hope you enjoy the songs… oldies but goodies!


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  1. Your harmony sounds like the ideal. I hope that you can also recognize a harmony that is comfortable, but doesn’t necessarily have to be the ideal. The ideal is so hard to reach. Not just for people with bipolar disorder, but for any person. Not to say we don’t want the ideal sometimes. I hope we can have both the comfortable norm with ideal as an icing on the cake.

    You might remember that we talked about our memoirs. I thought I’d tell you that I’m now posting what would be a chapter from my memoir. It is a 3 part series of posts about my experience with episodes in Asia in my youth. Today I posted the part 1 of 3. I plan to post parts 2 and 3 tomorrow and the next day, if possible. If interested, see today’s post at


    1. Thank you for you comment. Yes I am not expecting that of myself or others but was writing of an ideal… A dream. How great life could be if our lives and world… especially now the way the world is with so much hate and violence. So yes I am aware and I was just writing of the beauty a of what the word I meant to I me and how Jesus I would I love us all to lve.awAte bearlybimposdibke ford yo or Anyone you gave perfect harmony. I just wrote another what the beauty of what peaceful harmony could be like… But not expecting
      .. jydg the beauty of it we hen I think about whaybitveotld be.

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  2. Oops I am not good at using my phone and make many errors and have to correct them. For some reason my unfinished unedited comment sent before I wanted​ it to. Ugh! Basically I was writing of the beauty of the word and what it meant to me. It is hard for me to even have peaceful harmony in my mind… let alone the world… None of this would or could be even be close to possible without Jesus. I believe peaceful harmony is what Jesus desires us to have… But is not happening often only when I am praying and feeling the spirit within me at times…. I look forward to reading your memoir blog posts. Thank you for keeping me updated on that. Thank you for reading and commenting​. Hugs. <3. Sue


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