I love this. I first saw Prince Harry talk about his mental illness. How awesome that people are finally talking about mental illness, Get rid of the shame. Maybe it will finally help reduce the stigma. I pray it will! My favorite line in the films were… “we exercise for physical health, but what do we do to help our mental Health? I think for sure we must have a good support system and good people to talk to.

Princess Diana would be so proud of her boys!

Let’s talk. It is time to talk and share our feelings. Too many times people ask “how are you” in passing and most people say they are good even if they are not because it feels like people are not really interested in hearing the truth. Also, you just try to be positive because you figure that is what people like. I do that. I am a great actress.

I also think many people do not really want to know the truth or your story or they do not have the time to listen… but people should make time to listen. Be that one person in someone’s life that cares. I care. Hugs, love and blessings. Sue

Peace from Panic

I was just watching the news and saw something really exciting, I had to share.

A video has been released of Prince William and Lady Gaga FaceTiming — he in the United Kingdom and she across the ocean, at home in her kitchen. The issue they discussed?

Mental health.

How great is that? These two high-profile people are addressing the need to have conversations about mental health. You can see their FaceTime call here.

Prince William and Lady Gaga are trying to encourage more people to be open about mental illness. Their talk is part of the #oktosay Heads Together film series.

Lady Gaga recently admitted she has post traumatic stress disorder. She’s been speaking out about her challenges and the importance of not being ashamed of having a mental illness.

The royal family — the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry — is committed to improving…

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