Looking for all AWESOME Survivor Blogs that Share their Stories and Journeys of Hope, Inspiration, Resilience and Survival…

If you have survived anything during your life and your blog shares your story of your journey and helps others know they are not alone and will inspire, encourage and give others hope through your courage, strength, resilience and perseverance of survival…

Please, please, please… add the name and link of your blog on my comment section and I will add your blog name and link to my “Awesome Survivor Blog List.” Thank you very much.

You can always find the list by clicking on the “Surviving Life” button on the side of my page.

I hope this will help many people out. I want the list to continue to grow….


Awesome Survivor Blog Names and Links…

  1. A Day in the Life of a Bipolar – Christina Lynn – https://www.christinalynn101.wordpress.com/
  2. Advocate for Mental and Invisible Illnesses – https://www.tessacandoit.com/
  3. A Mind Divided – https://aminddivided.com/
  4. Anonymously Autistic – https://anonymouslyautistic.net/
  5. Apparently I’m Bipolar – https://apparentlyimbipolar.wordpress.com/
  6. Beauty Beyond Bones – https://beautybeyondbones.com/
  7. Become Mum – Raegina – https://becomemum.com/
  8. Being Lydia – https://www.beinglydia.com/
  9. Bipolar 1 Blog – https://www.bipolar1blog.com/
  10. Bipolar Anonymous – https://www.soberandbipolarblog.wordpress.com/
  11. Bipolar Life – https://www.learningtobebipolar.com/
  12. Bipolar on Board – https://www.bipolaronboard.wordpress.com/
  13. Bipolar on Fire – https://www.bipolaronfire.com/
  14. Bipolar Tapestry – Poetic Thoughts – https://www.nicolemoncada.com/
  15. Bird Flight – Cindy – https://birdflight.blog/
  16. Birth of a New Brain – https://www.proudlybipolar.wordpress.com/
  17. Blog of a Mad Black Woman – https://www.blogofamadblackwoman.com/
  18. Confessions of a Reborn Girl – https://www.confessionsofareborngirl.wordpress.com/
  19. Crazy – NOS –  https://www.bloggymcblogface446.wordpress.com/
  20. Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS – Heather – https://www.Dinosaursdonkeysandms.com/
  21. Fearless – https://www.fearlessinjesuschrist.wordpress.com/
  22. Girlfriend’s Guide to Good Mental Health – https://www.smoothsailing289.com/
  23. Grief Poetry – Brenda – https://www.griefpoetry.wordpress.com/
  24. hrhalexmads – Alex Mads – https://bropolar.wordpress.com/
  25. Iggy – https://colormebipolar.wordpress.com/
  26. I’m still healing, but that’s okay – https://www.heylittlefightersite.wordpress.com/
  27. Invisible Illnesses Blog – Tina – https://www.invisibleillnessesblog.wordpress.com/
  28. kountrymama2012 – http://www.lifeinperspectiveweb.wordpress.com/
  29. Life’s Fine Whine – Pooja – https://www.lifesfinewhine.wordprlyblueboy.wordpress.com/
  30. Mental Break in Progress – https://mentalbreakinprogressblog.wordpress.com/
  31. MSnubutterflies – https://www.msnubutterflies.wordpress.com/
  32. Musings of a Mad Woman – https://www.itsnotcrazytoday.com/
  33. My Struggling Heart – https://www.mystrugglingheart.wordpress.com/
  34. Out Crawls Ann – https://www.annjenkins.wordpress.com/
  35. Pain Pals – https://www.painpalsblog.wordpress.com/
  36. Peace from Panic – https://www.peacefrompanic.wordpress.com/
  37. Reason For Being – https://www.crushthecurse.wordpress.com/
  38. Slay Girl Society – https://www.slaygirlsociety.com/
  39. Splendor in embers – Fatima – https://www.splendorinembers.wordpress.com/home/
  40. Suddenly Bipolar – revdebmatt – https://www.suddenlybipolar.wordpress.com/
  41. Taking the Mask Off – https://www.takingthemaskoff.com/
  42. The Bipolar Verses – https://www.thebipolarverses.wordspress.com/
  43. The Blogger’s Paradise – https://www.thebloggersparadise4.wordpress.com/
  44. The Bloggess – https://www.thebloggess.com/
  45. The Catalysts For Change – https://www.thecatalystsforchange.com/
  46. Therapy Bits – Carol Anne – https://www.therapybits.com/
  47. These Things I Write – https://www.thunderwhenitrains.wordpress.com/
  48. Untangled- Alexis – https://www.atribeuntangled.com/
  49. Writing With Hope – Sonya Estavillo – https://www.lilpickmeup.com/

We are all strong survivors of our struggles, illnesses and our lives.

We will continue living our lives by going on a long safe journey of courage, strength, hope, faith and love forever and always.

We should be proud of ourselves.

We are all strong, brave, courageous, beautiful and fabulous people.



May your lives overflow with love, peace and blessings everyday forever and always.

Love, hugs and blessings.   Sue



  1. Bird Flight – http://www.birdflight.blog

    My blog’s tagline is “She recovers through flight, dance, writing, and cooking up a storm.”

    I have bipolar type 1 and am still on disability, but coming very close to a new and better place in my life than ever before. Though many of my blog posts do discuss mental illness (mostly bipolar disorder), they also reflect my many other interests. Interests that have helped in my recovery, and allow me to fly like a bird again and dance.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much for your blog name and link. I checked out your blog and it looks very good and I am following you now. Thank you. I also added your blog name and link to my list. Thank you for that as well. Hugs and blessings. ❤ Sue

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for visiting my blog, Sue. I’ll look forward to following your blog, as well. I hope you keep us updated on your memoir as you write it. Do you have chapter ideas already established? I do for mine. I figure that instead of looking at the behemoth project as one huge task, I’ll just take it chapter by chapter. Kind of like how I have approached weight loss in the past.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You are welcome for visiting your blog. It was my pleasure for sure. Yes I have chapters written all ready and have more ideas as well. I just have to keep working on it steadily. Tomorrow I will have time to work on it, so I am going to make myself do it tomorrow. I will keep you posted on the progress of my memoir and I will post some of my memoir writing on my blog soon. That is a great idea. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Have you posted any of your memoir on the blog? That would be a great idea for you as well. I hope you can finish your memoir. Maybe we should keep each other motivated on writing our memoirs. We can motivate each other. I know I need encouragement etc. Congratulations on your weight loss. I need help in that area for sure. I am going to see a dietician soon, because I cannot do it on my own for some reason… I also started the process of bariatric surgery if my insurance will cover it and if I cannot lose weight by myself. That is how bad my weight problem is… a lot of it was caused from my bipolar medication in the past unfortunately but still I shoud have been able to lose some of this weight. I lose some and then gain it back unfortunately… not a good subject. Ugh! Anyway tomorrow is memoir writing for me. Take care. Hugs and blessings. ❤ Sue

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Hello Sue. I hope you do post some of your memoir on your blog.

        I’m not sure if I will post any full bits of my working memoir on my blog, but perhaps just select stories. I have already written some of my true stories in certain posts. Actually, I told myself that I would try to keep my WordPress blog for writing other types of things as much as possible. I also have an online journal where I write my day-to-day feelings and goings on.

        I once went to a dietitian and it was very helpful. I lost over 30 lbs with the dietitian’s help. Do try that if you think it will work for you. I’m now maybe 7 lbs from a normal BMI. I think I could lose it if I really pushed myself, but I haven’t been able to lately.

        My sister had bariatric surgery and it turned out to be a great thing for her. She has lost a lot of weight and no longer needs to take medication for her diabetes type 2. I’m so happy for her.

        Hugs to you, too Sue.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Thank you very much for your vreat comment. I think you can just got forget about that 7 pounds and I bet you look awesome! We will see what happens with my weight. So far I have no other health problems related to my weight… Just slight arthritis in my knees. I am blessed that way. Have a fabulous day. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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