God Healed Me to the Point That I Can Live My Life Again (Daily Word Prompt is Heal)

(Please listen and watch my praise and worship video, with lyrics too, by Chris Tomlin “Lord I Need You” at the end of my Post).

Heal me, O Lord, and

I shall be healed;

Save me, and

I shall be saved,

for you are my praise.

–Jeremiah 17:14


God saved my life.

God healed me to the point that I can now live my life again.

He did not heal me completely from bipolar disorder, but He healed me to the point that I can now live a full and happy life.

I continue to live with bipolar disorder and have struggles and sometimes severe symptoms from my bipolar disorder, but God has taught me and given me the strength to continue on and fight my symptoms with all the strength I have deep within my soul.

God has healed me to the point that He has decided is just perfect for my life, a place that I must continue to have complete faith and trust in His plan for my life.

He is always with me to guide me and encourage me and provide the necessary strength I need to fight my illness.

I have a beautiful life saving and healing testimony to share with others.

My struggles and suffering continue to be important life lessons for my heart and soul, so I can be an example and inspiration for others.

I struggled and suffered, like Jesus had to suffer.

I am a very blessed and chosen one to live the life I have lived and continue to live. I am blessed.

I know my life is all a part of God’s story He has written and planned for me.

My purpose for my life here on earth is to serve the Lord daily and be a disciple for Him, sharing my testimony of the many times God saved my life and healed me and how I continue to fight and survive with God right by side always.

With prayer and God I will survive.

Listening to praise and worship music helps to heal me and comfort me, reaching and touching my heart and soul and always bringing me closer to God. I can feel the deep powers and love from the Holy Spirit and My lord and Savior Jesus Christ as I worship and praise Him.

There is nothing better in the entire world than being able to feel the love deep inside my heart and soul of the inexplicable love and joy that can only come from the Holy Spirit.

God saved my life and healed me so I can live a long, beautiful, happy and love-filled life.

God saved my life and healed me so I can help others.

My purpose in life is helping and loving as many people as I can.

I am very blessed and…

my life has been very blessed.

Thank you God.

I praise and worship you and…

I love and adore you always.

May all of your lives overflow with many blessings of good health, strength, compassion, joy, peace and love from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Hugs, love and blessings to all of you always and forever.

For I am the Lord your God

who takes hold of your right hand

and says to you,

Do not fear;

I will help you.

–Isaiah 41:13



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