My Ugly Incisions Hurt (Daily Word Prompt is Minimal)

I had surgery last Friday morning to remove thirteen screws and a large metal plate from ankle. My miracle metal was used to connect my shattered fragmented bones back together and reattach my leg bones back to my ankle bones, so I could walk again. I severely fractured my leg about seven years ago.

I thought my surgery Friday morning was going to be a very minimal surgery and procedure with only a couple of small incisions on my ankle required to remove my miracle metal.

My surgery was a same day procedure and I returned home early Friday afternoon. I wasn’t in a lot pain on Friday at all, since my foot was numb from a nerve block they gave me in my foot and from the pain medications I was taking. So, I had very minimal pain on Friday. I liked that and I still thought my surgery procedure was minor.

Oops. I was very wrong.

Saturday morning the nerve block was gone so I could feel my foot, ankle and leg again… and I could now feel the pain from my surgery much more.

Now I couldn’t figure out why my leg hurt so much. I thought my surgery was just a minor procedure.

It was very hard for me to stand and walk and get out of my bed or my recliner. My initial standing up was the hardest and most painful for me. After a stood up for a little while and got acclimated to the discomfort I was in, it got a little easier and better for me. I, of course, still needed to take my pain medication. Thank goodness for pain medication as these kind little pills helped relieve some of my pain and made me feel a little more comfortable.

My written post-op directions told me that I needed to keep the dressing over my wounds for two days after surgery. I had my surgery on 3/17 and could remove the dressing on 3/19.

During the middle of the night, the date was actually 3/19. My leg was hurting so badly, I needed to remove the dressing/wrap from my leg very quickly. Maybe the dressing was getting too tight. I didn’t know but I had to do something quickly to relieve some pain. So, I slowly and carefully removed and undressed the dressing from my leg covering my surgical incisions.

This was a slow and painful process as there were many layers covering my incisions.

Wow! What to my wondering eyes should appear? Was not a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer. It was gross.

I was not expecting this. I was a little shocked to see what I saw. What a surprise.

On the side of my leg traveling from my foot up to my shin was a scar at least six to seven inches long that looked rather gruesome with skin protruding from each of the twelve or so stitches. Also, on the front top of my leg between my foot and ankle bones were about five to six more one to two inch incisions each having two large stitches on them with skin also swollen and protruding around and through the incisions.

I counted about twenty-five black stitches tied together without a pretty little bow. Also, my leg was very swollen and was a bit discolored with a light to dark purplish graduation of color forming on the bottom of my ankle. This was all very unlovely to me.

After taking my dressing and wraps off my leg, I felt some relief from my pain and let my leg breathe a little before I carefully put more gauze, padding and wraps around my incisions and leg again.

Sunday afternoon my beautiful Alexia had her last show Choir performance for the year. I definitely could not miss her performance, so I took my pain medication and my daughter Kylie drove me to the High School and helped me get to Alexia’s performance. I was able to painfully get in and out of the car and hobble using my crutches into the auditorium to see my beautiful daughter Alexia perform. I was in pain and some discomfort but every bit of my pain was worth watching my Alexia sing, dance and perform.

My handsome son Keagan drove me home and helped me get back into my house and all situated again.

Thank you God for blessing me with the three greatest and most amazing children and blessings in the world.

Today is Tuesday and I am still recovering. I was wrong when I thought my surgery was a minimal procedure and I would heal very quickly. I will be patient and pray for a successful recovery. God has taken care of me and everything perfectly so far.

As usual, I will continue to have faith and trust in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and know He will continue to take care of me like He always does.

I will be all healed up well enough by next week because I start working at my part-time job again. I am scheduled to work about twenty hours and I am on my feet the entire time.

During the rest of my recovery am supposed to be staying off of my ankle and resting with my leg up. So, now I will have time to catch up on my blog.

I am now sitting back in my recliner, with my legs up and my surgery leg raised higher on two pillows with ice wrapped around it, my lap top on my lap as I am happily typing to all of you… you must be reading this as you must have just read my words… lol.

I hope you enjoyed it and will continue to read and enjoy more of my blog and upcoming posts. One of my goals is to get caught up on reading other blogs. I am looking forward to it. I just hope my pain medication doesn’t make me become too sleepy and cause me to fall asleep too much.

Happy reading and happy healing ankle incisions that shocked me when I saw you. I was very wrong. You definitely were not minimal. Instead, you were rather ugly and gruesome looking. No wonder you hurt and have been causing me so much pain. Ouch. Stop it and heal up. Thank you incisions.

I think my pain medication has caused me to get a little goofy as I just wrote to my leg, pain and incisions… hmmm…. that is a little odd…  oops… sorry.

I hope your days overflow with love and blessings.

Hugs and blessings always and forever.   Sue

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