Mental Illness is a Very Controversial Subject (Daily Word Prompt is Controversy)

There is a lot of controversy regarding mental illness.

Mental illness is a controversial subject to many people.

The stigma of mental illness is still huge today and may be getting even worse instead of better.

We need to educate, educate and educate more about mental illness starting at Elementary schools teaching young children about what mental illness is.

Unfortunately, there is a negative portrayal of people who have a mental illness. People diagnosed with bipolar disorder and other types of mental illness are treated unfairly, discriminated against and even shamed for having a mental illness.

Stigma may have improved slightly with depression, but it has not improved with any other types of mental illness.

Bipolar disorder is definitely stigmatized a lot due to the lack of awareness and education regarding this illness. People make generalizations about bipolar because of what they hear on television and read on social media. For example, if there was a mass shooting or other types of violence the reporters tell the world that the shooter has bipolar disorder. So then people believe that all people with bipolar are violent and that is very untrue. Instead people with bipolar disorder are often the victims of violence and other crimes.

The word stigma is just a kinder softer word used instead of what it really is. Stigma is actually the hurtful, cruel, shaming and true word for discrimination. People with mental illness are discriminated against often in many ways and in many environments.

My passion in life is to help people and to increase awareness and education about bipolar and other mental illness diseases, reduce the alarmingly increasing rate of suicides and to reduce and eliminate the stigma of mental illness.

I must stand up, shout, stomp out and fight mental illness stigma in as many ways as I can, until it is gone.

I am a controversial person for a very good, positive, necessary and important cause.

I will fight for what I know is right!


  1. So true! I don’t know about you, but I get so upset when people use the word “bipolar” as an adjective to describe someone or something. It’s so stigmatizing. As in “oh she is so bipolar” or “my toaster works sometimes and not others, it’s so ‘bipolar”. There are so many successful, inspirational people with bipolar disorder, particularly in the arts. Carrie Fischer and Jimmi Hendrix (RIP), some say Robin Williams, Catherine Zeta-Jones, I could go on and on. People with this disorder deserve respect for what they encounter on a daily basis. The strength and creativity that come along with it are something to be admired, and not made fun of. Thank you for countering stigma. You rock!

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    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. I appreciate them and they made me very happy. Robin Williams did have bipolar and Jim Carrey, Vivian Leigh, Demi Lavato, Linda Hamilton, Britney Spears, Curt Kobain, Marilyn Monroe, Sinead O’ Connor, Vincent Van Gogh, Emily Dickinson and Virginia Woolf, Earnest Hemingway and Margox Hemingway and the list goes on and on and on….. Bipolar has many positive things about it as well. There is something in the brain that creates and increases creativity and genius as well. Some of the most gifted and talented people had or have bipolar disorder. We are in good company. It is quite fascinating to me how a bipolar brain works actually. It is amazing how my brain can change so quickly from manic to depressed…. anyway enough of my rambling on. Sorry I was so slow in replying but I had surgery on my ankle last week and that set me back quite a bit. ❤

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      1. Thank you. It is starting to get there now…. slowly… but now I can walk with less pain so that is a great sign. Plus, I am not taking any more pain medications… heard it is really bad for me with my benzos… I am trying to catchup and read some blogs… hopefully I will get to some of yours. ❤

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