My Miracle Metal (Daily Word Prompt is Massive)

Tomorrow is my surgery day

upon a white cot I will lay,

with tubes everywhere, one stuck in my arm

given me the medications so I will feel no harm,

as they cut deeply into my skin

exposing my ankle bone up to my shin.

Right before this surgical procedure will start,

I feel the increasing speed of my beating heart.

The anesthesiologist will gently put the oxygen mask over my mouth and nose,

telling me to relax, take some deep breaths and count to ten or however that goes.

Always nervous in surgery before they put me to sleep,

feeling anxious and shaking, while I try not to weep.

Trying to relax, listening to what they say,

not counting at all, but instead to God I will pray…

Dear Lord please be with me, protect me and keep me safe and…

Then I wake up in a lot of pain, God is with me holding my hand.

I am hoping they will have good drugs for me

to keep me comfortable and pain free.


No need to worry. My surgery is actually a pretty minor one and is supposed to be just a same day procedure. My surgeon is going to remove thirteen screws and a metal plate from my ankle bone.

About seven years ago I fell on my ankle, which was in a very bad position as I fell with all of my massive weight falling directly on top of my twisted ankle. This was not a good idea. I do not recommend it.

When I fell, I heard a loud noise that sounded like a tree trunk breaking. I knew I was in trouble. I laid on the ground in severe pain for a while and could not believe what just happened.

I was very happy about my upcoming day. It was my very first day of my new college program for Graphic Design School. I was so excited and happy to start this program. So, I was hoping that maybe, just maybe I only had a very severe sprain and I could still go to school.

It was not a very smart idea for me to do this, but I was ready to deal with this severe pain and make it to my first class. I painfully tried to stand on my right ankle. As I tried to stand up bearing a little weight on my right ankle, it was impossible to stand up at all as there was nothing to stand on.

Instead of going to my first day of Graphic Design school, I took a ride in the ambulance to the hospital and found out I severely fractured my ankle. I saw the x-ray of my ankle and my ankle bones were a bunch of many different bone fragments that looked like many puzzle pieces of bones floating around in my ankle.

I needed a specialist to repair my severely fractured ankle and he was not there on that day. I had to wait an entire week before they could do my surgery, because my ankle became too swollen to do my surgery. So, for a bout a week I lived with an unattached foot and leg bone.

Once they did the surgery to repair my severely fractured ankle bone and attached my ankle back to my leg it did feel a little better, but I was still in severe pain.

Eventually my fractured ankle healed but my ankle always hurt. I was just thankful I could walk again.

I saw my surgeon, the genius man that he is, a couple weeks ago and he said it was time for the metal to come out. The screws had moved a little and were causing me too much pain. The pain felt like knives were stabbing at my ankle sometimes.

It is time to finally remove my metal. He said I can keep my metal for a souvenir if I wanted to. I am not sure if he was just kidding, but I do want to keep my metal from ankle and see what was holding my ankle bone fragment puzzle pieces together for so long.

My miracle metal.



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