Never Heard of the Word (Daily Word Prompt is Murmuration)

Never heard

of the word


Murmur nation.

Google tell me,

what could it be.

This strange unknown word

that sounds foreign and absurd

means the act of murmuring,

murmur, murmur,  murmuring,

which is the utterance of low continuous sounds.

Makes sense

no pretense

 I am hypomanic most of the time and speak way too much and too fast

sometimes sounding like the murmuration of my voice as my words fly past.

Now I have learned a brand new word and so have you,

Defined the word murmuration, given a sample sentence too.

These daily word prompts help increase vocabulary for me,

sometimes learning new words and increasing my creativity.

That is awesome and very good,

making me happy as it should.

I lost a lot of brain power, recall and memory inside

from ECTs and meds. on my long bipolar train ride.

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