Our Beautiful Color Wheel of Life (Daily Word Prompt is Nuance)

Life is full of a spectrum of colors

changing throughout

our beautiful color wheel of life.

Subtle nuances

of a variety of hues and shades of color

created and added

from the many life changes we have experienced.

Shades of gray from black to white

depicting the many struggles we have faced

and survived are also added

to our beautiful color wheel of life.

Some changes occur gradually over time.

Some changes are expected,

and some are unexpected,

some changes make us very happy,

and some cause tremendous sorrow.

Our ability to adapt to

the changes and struggles

we face throughout our lives

takes time and

depends on our

strength and courage

to persevere, survive and overcome.

Each nuance of change

adds a beautiful new

hue or shade of color

to our beautiful color wheel of life,

making it become

more unique and beautiful

with each new color of change added

to our beautiful color wheel of life

and making us

the strong, unique and beautiful

people we have become.




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