You’ve Got a Friend… With God

There is always hope… as long as your heart is still beating.

— Quote from the television show “The Walking Dead.”

Some of the lyrics from James Taylor’s song “You’ve Got a Friend” and what his lyrics helped me to remember. I need to remember my faith and to pray. Whenever I have severe bipolar symptoms my faith is lost in the dust. My heart and mind lose some of my faith and my sight of God. I need His help right now.


“When you’re down and troubled and you need a helping hand, and nothing, nothing is going right… Close your eyes and think of me and soon I will be there.” PRAY. God is always by your side and He will never leave you.

“You just call out my name” God. God I need you. God help me.

“All you’ve got to do is call” out to God as He is always listening and He is always with you.

“You’ve got a friend.” God is my best friend and He always has been… even if I forget and lose sight of Him and my faith, during my struggles with bipolar disorder, God has never lost sight of me nor forsaken me or forgotten me. He has always loved me.

“Keep you head together and call my name out loud now.” God I need you desperately.

“Soon you’ll hear me knocking at you door.” God answers prayers, saves and heals many.

“Ain’t it good to know that you’ve got a friend.” God is always our friend. He will never leave us alone. He is always be our side. If we remember or not, He is always there with us and HE WILL NEVER LEAVE OUR SIDE. NEVER! I praise God forever and always.

Thank you my dear Lord and savior Jesus Christ as I know there are no accidents in this life. I know you brought me to this song and helped me find this video and listen to it.

When I first listened to this song, I was saddened deeply, my heart was filled with sorrow as I know I do not have any true friends in my life right now, not one. I honestly do not.

I heard God’s voice very loudly as I listened deeply to these lyrics. God reminded me that I am never alone and that God is always by my side and has never left me for one minute of my life. He is my best friend.

I just need to pray again and He will help me. I am not alone and never have been. He is with me, by my side, always holding my hand through all of my struggles living with bipolar disorder.

My faith has been renewed and I cannot lose sight of my God and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I need to make time for Him in my life again.

I found faith in Him and the fact that I can make new friends as God provided a beautiful new part-time job at a large company for me with many lovely and wonderful and kind people. This is my way to make new friends.

I pray.

The problem is that I like to be alone, but I am also very sad and lonely at times during my life.

I like to be alone because I feel safer that way. No one can hurt me like I have been so many times before.

I need to trust people again and put all of my faith in God.

I need to put an effort in to trust and find people I could become friends with.

Thank you God for reminding me of who you are and your power and your abundant love for me.

I love you and I praise you forever and always.



      1. You know what, it was a Carole King song, not Carly Simon…my mistake. I wish I could remember the song now! Have a good weekend…


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      2. It’s okay, I remember it now. I’ll be posting it later on perhaps…hope you enjoyed your weekend!



      3. Yes it was good. I went to see the movie “The Shack” Did you see it yet. It is an awesome movie… even though I cried a lot… but I am a baby when it comes to things like that. I loved it though. I read the book prior and that is a great read and I would recommend both. How was your weekend??? I will look for the Carol King song soon… I remember my Mom used to love Carol King songs.

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      4. No I haven’t seen that movie yet. It is good to be so moved by something some times…I’ll have to try to remember the Carole King post. She is quite a great singer!

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      5. I did a quick post on Carole King a day or two ago. It was basically a music post with a brief comment. Hope you saw it…

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      6. Yes it will. I think I could read posts tomorrow. I had surgery on Friday and slept pretty much all day. Hopefully I can be awake tomorrow. I will find the song. Is is “You’ve Got a Friend?” That is my guess…

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      7. Ooo…surgery…I hope you are much better! Yes, you are right on the song. Just imagine the words from God to us.

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      8. Today is Thursday. I had my surgery last Friday (a week ago) I am still recovering but I am getting there. I am behind on reading blogs and comments but I am feeling better now so I am looking forward to getting caught up or at least trying to. ❤


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