My Bipolar Stalking Beast and My Beautiful Angel (Part 2 of 2)

This is my Part 2 of 2 from the first Part 1 of 2 post titled “My Bipolar Stalking Beast and My Beautiful Angel.”

When I was facing the severity of my last bipolar episode, my sister sent me ten beautiful, heartfelt and loving texts. As I was reading her texts and before I could even finish reading the second of her ten texts my tears began to form and pour out of me uncontrollably flooding my eyes so that I could not even see to continue reading the texts.

Finally my tears that were once stuck inside me were shed from within me giving me a great sense of relief and release of my feelings.

The release of my tears helped me so I could begin to feel again. This was the start of my feelings gradually coming back and the beginning  process of me feeling better, gaining strength to fight off my bipolar stalker beast inside me.

I think my tears poured out so quickly and uncontrollably because someone actually loved me. Her words were so kind, heartfelt and loving that they touched my heart very deeply and I will never forget them and what they did for me and how they helped me at that very moment in time when I needed them the most.

Her beautiful words of love and encouragement inspiring me and uplifting me, making me feel a little better, and igniting a small spark of life back inside me.

Her words touched my heart filling me with love and thanksgiving, because she wrote about how much she loved me and how special she always thought I was.

My sister’s first text said that she was thinking of me. I believe there are no accidents and the fact that she was thinking of me when I needed it the most tells me that God whispered to her telling her how much I needed her. She could not hear His delicate and loving whispers but they were there nudging her to send me her beautiful, loving and encouraging texts filled with words that I so desperately needed at that very moment.

She told me I should be proud of myself and that bipolar did not steal who I was as I have often said. She said bipolar changed me but she can still see the beautiful soul I have always had. Even reading it again and thinking about her loving words again makes me want to start crying. I appreciate all of her compliments to me and her many words of encouragement and other important words from her texts. I will never forget them and will save them always.

My baby sister Melissa is “My Beautiful Angel” in my life.

Thank you God for blessing me with her in my life.

Thank you Melissa. I love you hugely beyond any words forever and always. You are the best sister I could ever have. I appreciate everything you do for me and have done for me. Thank you for always being there and always listening to me. I love talking to you and with you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…..

Praise God for my sister Melissa and for my recovery back to my favorite hypomanic state. I praise you God for my many blessings in my life and thank you for my life.


More good news. I was able to go to my orientation on Wednesday. It was only for two hours so it was a nice gradual start to get out of my house again and feel comfortable to be around other people.

I also worked Thursday and Friday for six hours of training each day and it went wonderfully. It helps a lot that everyone was so kind, friendly, positive and happy there. Yay!

This brings us to today which is Saturday morning and my daughter Alexia has her last Show Choir competition for me to see this year. I need to get there by 12:30 and the competition will last until about 10:00 p.m. It is a long day but I love watching Show Choir with all of the singing and dancing and with a band playing in the background. It is a lot of fun and I truly admire seeing all of the amazing talent in these young High School students. It is a wonderful experience full of a variety of many sights and sounds of beauty and joy throughout the day.

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