The Bipolar Apocalypse Inside My Mind (Daily Word Prompt is Arid)

For over twenty years

my emotions were  arid,

my life was empty,

void of meaning

not because of who I was,

but because bipolar

zapped away who I was.

It robbed

me of my life

the way I once knew it.

Bipolar is a cruel beast

and a criminal of the worst kind

with powers you never knew could exist inside you.

They are not your own powers,

but unknown powers from within

you have no control over.

Bipolar overpowers you whenever it wants,

coming from an abyss from deep within you,

an unknown apocalypse world

you never knew could exist inside you,

stealing all your feelings and emotions

until you become void of all emotions

and thoughts of life and living.

You turn into a foreign carcass of the walking dead

barely able to walk or talk,

 no longer capable of walking,

but instead shuffling about

like a walking dead zombie creature

you have never met before.

This new shuffling walking dead zombie creature

is actually who you have become

thanks to the dreadful bipolar beast

that came for a visit

living inside you

and becoming part

of your new

way of life…

for a while…


Never give up hope.

God has the power to heal and save me.

God saved  my life and healed me to the point that He wanted to heal me.

God heals when He is ready to.

Be patient, never give up hope and keep persevering.

Even though I lived with severe bipolar symptoms for over twenty years and have had mental illness my entire life…

I am so blessed.

Psalm 126:5  

Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy!    

Praise God.

God is good all the time.



    1. Can please send me your email address? I could not find it. I have my email information under my “contact me” if you would please email me. I am not sure why you want me to your email me Thank you and have a great day. 🙂


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