Renaissance of the Heart

I loved this post as it really made me think about my own life. I used to grieve the old me, but now after reading this post I realized I should not do that. I need to love and cherish all of my memories. I need to work on that and love all of my memories and stop thinking of my life as it was before, during and after starting my recovery… but I need to turn it into a beautiful all…. an all of me. It has been very helpful and Inspiring to redefine my life in a new way! Wow! I needed a new way to think. Thank you Beauty Beyond Bones!


It’s a funny thing, nostalgia. Whether it’s rewatching Harriet the Spy, or finding your suede, sea-foam green converse shoes from when you were a kid (#style), certain things have the power of just bringing you back to moments in time and making them feel like just yesterday.


That happened today.

One of the things I have just been blown away with here recently, is how good people are. And how they rise to the occasion. People going out of their way to spend time with my mom, and help in anyway they can with her stroke recovery.

So this afternoon, my mom’s friend picked us up and gave us a tour of downtown. We walked, drove, and took the streetcar.

And this was a big deal. I haven’t really spent much time downtown since I left for college. As in…none at all. When I left, the city was really…

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