My Bipolar Dominoes Inside My Brain (Daily Word Prompt is Slur)

Inside my bipolar brain are many dominoes to play a game

of creating a large domino chain that is never quite the same.

My bipolar hypomanic domino

touches my racing thoughts domino

which touches my rapid speech domino.

My rapid thoughts race together and blur,

I speak words so quickly they begin to slur.

People hearing my many words but are unsure

of what the meaning of my thoughts just were.

Sometimes my bipolar hypomanic domino

touches my rapid cycling domino,

which touches my mixed episode domino,

which touches my severe depression domino,

which touches my severe suicidal depression domino.

This knocks over all of my bipolar disorder dominoes,

causing me to fall over,

stopping my bipolar brain from functioning

until I am unable to live my life.

I must stand up all my domino pieces

inside my bipolar brain

and start living and loving my life again.

Again inside my bipolar brain the dominoes are ready to play the game

of creating the large domino chain effect that is never quite the same,

but with God at my side loving me forever holding my hand,

I will live, love and praise God and my faith strongly and firmly stands,

worshiping Him always with my arms out-stretched high and raising my hands.



    1. Thank you very much for your reply and your kind words. The Bpd diagnosis is not so bad as long as you accept it and and still live yourself and learn how to live with your symptoms, surround yourself with positive people and have support in anyway that it helps you. God saved my life. Sorry so slow with my reply but symptoms recently bit me in my butt but I am much better now. Send me a comment or an email any time you want to if you have any questions or if I can help you in anyway. Hugs and blessings!

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