His Birthday Wish (Daily Word Prompt is Squat)


On his Birthday my son-in-law wished for,

something I could not find at any store.

Happily, I found it while shopping online

with everything working out just fine.

I was searching for his special gift

which would give his legs a little lift.

This gift was unique to say the least

helping him eliminate after his feast.

Correctly sit and squat

on the big porcelain pot.

So squat

on the pot.

On the pot

do squat.

I hope he will like it

with a new way to sit

and all his dreams will come true

while sitting on his brand new…



Happy Birthday!

This original Squatty Potty got its start from the show “Shark Tank.” I like watching that show and used to dream of somehow becoming rich and famous too when I watched the show. However, I have faced reality now because I soon realized that it was probably not going to happen for me as I had no inventions or business sense or even more importantly, no money to get a business up and running. Oh well it is always fun to dream.

Now I just watch other people try to become rich by inventing things like the…. Squatty Potty, so you can poop better. Wow! Who would have ever thought…





    1. They really are I guess they are quite popular and a successful business for these people. They are sold at Bath and Body Works and Target and other places in the big cities. I think my town is too small to carry them so I could only order them oline. Really supposed to help you pop because of body position. I guess. Makes sense.We will see. Maybe I will have to try it out… Hahahaha…. I like the name. I fi that hilarious. I did laugh when my daughter told me he wanted it…. Okay one Squatty Potty here we go. It is funny. Catchy name. Just love the name. It wasn’t expensive… So I made him happy…. Hahaha… Haven’t asked him yet how his pooping is going. Lol…Okay the whole thing is funny. I have to admit it. Thanks for reading and I hope it did make you laugh. 😀😁😀


      1. Our scale sits in the middle of our bathroom so each time you go in there you have to step over it. It really has helped us. I am down 136lbs and my wife lost 100lbs. I am still 50lbs from where I want to be for my height. You just got to find things that work for you.

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    1. M son-in-law is very happy about his Squatty Potty. It was a gift he asked for on Christmas and didn’t get one so I thought I better buy it for him for his birthday. I have not tried it out yet or asked him how it works… hahaha…. I love the name it is so catchy.

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