My Valentine’s Day Expectation (Daily Word Prompt is Expectation)

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

I am a single mother of three amazing children and because the daily word prompt was expectation I tried to think of what my expectation was on Valentine’s Day.


My only  expectation today is for love.

I expect to love my three children more today

than I loved them yesterday.

I expect the love of my chidren

to grow exponentially

each second

of everyday

of my life




I cannot even begin to fathom how much love that is.

The second they were conceived in my belly I began to fall in love with them.

That love grew every second of their lives even before they were born.

When they were born my love for them quadrupled in depth

and began growing with every breath of life they took.

As they continued growing in size, my love for them multiplied matching the love and happiness I felt being blessed to be their Mommy.

My Mommy love never stays the same but continues to grow more every day of my life.

The love for my three children

continues to grow and fill my heart with love

overflowing it into my ever expanding soul

which is capable of increasing in size

and billowing out towards the heavens,

expanding the beauty of the skies.


Speaking of the love I have for my three children reminds me of my favorite children’s books I always loved reading to them when they were little…

I continue to express some of these loving words to them even though they are grown. I know I am very mushy, but I love and feel so much and so deeply always…

“I love you forever

I like you for always

as long as I am living

(always and forever)

my babies you will be.”

Here is one of my all time favorites and I am sure everyone else’s as well…..

Another favorite full of loving words…

This next part I would not quite do…  but maybe only in my heart and thoughts. Many times I would look at them adoringly when they were sleeping… but I, of course, would not actually pick them up and rock them when they were teenagers or adults… hahaha… I am pretty sure my children would not like that and it would not be physically possible either.

It is just the beautiful thoughts of memories I still have and always will. They will always be my babies no matter how old they are..


Happy Valentines’ Day everyone. Love your children, your family and everyone.



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