New Memories (Daily Word Prompt is Clean)

I wish I could clean my mind of the many bad memories I have from my past. These memories sometimes flash very brightly and vividly into my conscious mind at unexpected and unwanted moments for no apparent rhyme or reason.

Flashes of unwanted memories haunting me and repeatedly being replayed in my mind like a bad old movie causing me to have to relive the past event and feel the horrific emotions of fear, sadness and extreme anger I felt at that time. The painful memory reminders from my past seem so real as if I am living them over again today.

Where is the magic eraser to permanently wipe off all my bad memories written and pictured in my mind?

Where is the magic tweezer to magically pluck out each and every one of my bad memories from my mind one by one so they will never return again?

Where is the magic delete button I can repeatedly hit until all my bad memories are completely erased from the computer screen of my mind?

The truth is there are no magic erasers, tweezers or delete buttons to magically get rid of the bad memories from my past. The power and strength must come from inside me.

I need to distract myself from the bad memories and find ways to make them stop replaying the negative images and thoughts in my mind. Most importantly, I need to make myself not let the feelings and emotions associated with those thoughts overcome my mind and whole being.

Those memories and experiences were the past and the past is gone. That part of myself is dead. It died and it no longer exists. My bad memory slate has been wiped clean.

I have a new life now and have been born again and have become anew.

Today is now. Today is the present. The present is a beautiful gift from God. I will live for today and strive to be the best person I can be.

I will surround myself with good, positive, kind and safe people that will not hurt me, but will make me happy.

Every day from now on, I will make new beautiful, happy and loving memories. When these new memories flash in my mind from my new past they will be wonderful old movies.

Now I will want to hit the repeat button to replay my memories over and over again. While I watch my new memories from my new past my heart and mind will overflow with feelings of joy, love and peace forever and always.

Every day is a brand new day to make beautiful new memories.


  1. SUPERB Blog! I too struggle with bipolar, anxiety, and depression. It is not easy. We are one of a kind. I think you would benefit from reading my blog. No that isn’t a plus for my blog, I just think you will “get it” like others cant. -Bruce

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    1. Yes agree. I like that… Christ glasses on. That is beautiful… Gosh I may borrow that some day in conversation or just my memory. Love it!!! I must remember to always wear my Christ glasses… Thank you for reading my post. Have a happy day.☺☺☺

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