A Little Yellow Ball (Daily Word Prompt is Yellow)

A little yellow ball is hit back and forth rapidly and forcibly over a small net in the middle of two courts with the ball seemingly being placed in exact locations hand picked by the player’s choice.

The ball is hit over the net landing in the opponent’s corner of the court or just touching a chosen line by a tiny little millimeter. The ball hits places many times that are unreachable by their opponent.

This little yellow ball is hit with such precision it is like a painter painting random yellow dots in perfect locations to create his masterpiece of art.

The players use their rackets like weapons to hit the little yellow ball with an explosion of huge force and energy causing the yellow ball to travel with speeds faster than a speeding bullet sometimes causing the ball to travel so fast that it sneaks past the opponent so they are unable to hit the ball back over the net.

Watching the players form as they swing their rackets to hit the little yellow ball over the net is a thing of power and graceful beauty. It is as if tennis players can hear music playing inside their own heads as they each create a beautiful rhythm with their own perfect technique of power, grace and beauty of motion and movement.

The game of tennis creates its own music with the whooshing sounds of the ball as it flies through the air. Then there is the rhythm of the repeated drum like beating sound caused  by the little yellow ball as it repeatedly hits the player’s racket and then repeatedly hits the ground.

Sometimes tennis players even sing a grunting sound each time they hit the ball.

Finally added to the music of the tennis band and chorus is the squeaking sound of a player’s tennis shoes as he runs swiftly back and forth in hopes of hitting that little yellow tennis ball over the net with the winning grand champion shot.

My favorite player Roger Federer did hit the winning grand champion shot.

Roger Federer is the Champion of the 2017 Australian Open. Hurray!!! I am so happy for him… and for me too! Yay!!!

It was the most amazing match ever!!!

Unfortunately, there has to be a loser or runner-up as runner-up is a kinder sounding word. It is always hard to see one player have to lose and be the runner-up. So,of course my heart is also saddened for Rafael Nadal being the runner-up. I do like Rafael Nadal too… I just like Roger more. Sorry Rafa.


Yes, I love tennis and I have been losing a lot of sleep over my tennis lately.

The Australian Open has been playing for the last couple of weeks and unfortunately Australia has a different time zone then us. When I am supposed to be sleeping they are awake playing tennis.

Thank goodness for my DVR as it has come in very handy. I taped most of the matches and tried to watch them later.

Last night was the Super Bowl of tennis as it was the Finals of the Australian Open and two of my favorite players Roger and Rafa were playing in the finals. I had to watch this.

However, I stayed up way too late and then woke up too early to finish watching the Finals of the Australian Open, but I am so glad I watched my Super Bowl of tennis.

I love that little yellow tennis ball and the game TENNIS… and the players and everything that goes with it.





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