Where is My Snow Storm? (Daily Word Prompt is Ten)

How could they do that to me again? The forecast was wrong. The weather forecasters in La Crosse, Wisconsin fibbed to me again. Last night they so proudly announced to me that we were going to have a snow storm rapidly shedding eight inches of snow from the sky.

Since I was a young child growing up in Minnesota I have loved snow, snow storms and blizzards actually. I was promised eight inches of snow, but give me more. Give me more like ten to twelve inches of snow. I will so happily take all of it and love every inch of that beautiful pure white angelic snow covering and surrounding every inch outside of my home.

I don’t care if I have to shovel all that snow. Just give me snow. I do not mind. My daughter might have a snow day. Then I can happily announce to her that she has a snow day and doesn’t have to go to school. I love to make her happy.

Last night, like an eager young child, I kept checking the front and back windows of my home peaking through my closed blinds hoping to see the beginning of snow flakes falling from the night sky. I checked and no snow yet. One of the many times I peeked through my blinds finally the snow began to fall.

The snow started falling later than they predicted but finally the snow fell beautifully, quickly and heavily from our night sky just like they predicted. I admired and watched the beauty of the spectacular large snowflakes falling rapidly in front of my street light with the snow hindering the brightness of the light in front of my home.

I was satisfied that the snow was falling. I went to bed hoping I would wake up in the morning with at least eight inches of snow promised to me by our faithful weathermen. I was hoping to wake up in the morning and see a beautiful blanket of pure white snow covering everything outside.

Well to my dismay, I woke up in the morning to see only about three inches of the beautiful white stuff. It is pretty but that was not enough for me. I wanted more. I am greedy about my snow.

Time to wake up my sleepy daughter for school.

Snowflakes are kisses from heaven.


That must be why I love snow so much. “SNOWFLAKES ARE KISSES FROM HEAVEN.”

I wanted more kisses from heaven today…


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