Can’t Weight for my Update

Time for a little weight update. I started a diet about two weeks ago and have lost about 8 pounds so far, which I have to say is pretty good.

I do have to keep telling myself that it is good and not to give up.

You see I am very impatient and I think that I have started my diet two weeks ago so…

WHY AREN’T I SKINNY YET???? I should be skinny by now.

I am kind of just kidding. I know that is not realistic, but I do wish the weight could just magically fall off quicker.

You probably think 8 pounds is huge and it is a lot. I do admit. But you need to understand  that I am obese so 8 pounds is just…

a small thread on my spool,

one chip in my family size bag of chips,

one snowflake during a snow storm.

I live in Wisconsin and we are getting a snow storm tonight, which makes me very happy as I love snow and snow storms. Snow is so beautiful.

I know I have just gotten off topic, but you get the idea of my 8 pounds is just a little tiny start.

I started out perfectly following a diet plan from a book I bought. I learned a lot from the book and am trying my best to follow the diet plan from the book as close to it as I can. I slip a little here and there but I am determined everyday to do the very best I can do.

I also forgive myself and do not let it discourage me, when I slip some by eating more than the five crackers I am allowed to have, for example. However, I have never strayed from the foods the book says I should eat which is very good for me. The foods I have been eating are all healthy so I have learned a lot from the book and am getting better.

I will keep plugging away and being strong on my diet or…

new healthy lifestyle eating.

They say we are not supposed to call it a diet which I think is so silly because it is just a word and no matter what I call it… it is still the same thing to me a…

diet or

DIE it…. hahaha….

buy it, try it, a diet.

Regardless of the word I will continue to work hard at losing weight because I have to do this. Even if I have to learn how to become more patient, I will. I can do this. I am determined. I want to look better and be healthier. Here I go. One minute and one moment and one day at a time.

Now where are those chocolate chip cookies????

Just kidding….

Does anyone want to be a part of my BLOGGER ENCOURAGEMENT CLUB???

I am looking for any bloggers out there that are trying to improve themselves in anyway, shape or form. It can be anything. Any self improvement in their lives that they might need inspiration and encouragement on.

It can be on mental health, weight loss, exercising, anything you can think of. We all need inspiration and encouragement for many reasons.

I want to find a group of bloggers that can help each other by encouraging and inspiring each other.together. Holding each other accountable on things. Doing it together.

Everything and anything is easier when you do it together. Let’s encourage and inspire each other.

What are your goals?

Please LEAVE ME A COMMENT and we can help, encourage, and inspire each other. We can do this together one minute, one moment and one day at a time. We can do this! Hopefully we can find a group of us and see how our “Blogger Encouragement Club” grows and helps each other.




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