Someday Makes Me Happy

Someday is a beautiful word full of hopes and dreams of the many possibilities that tomorrow and the future holds in store for us.

Most people do not use the word someday in a negative way, but instead someday is used with thoughts and hopes of the many great possibilities and opportunities of positive and better things to come tomorrow and in the future. Hopes that our days and life can and will get better and that miracles can happen.

Someday to me is like a synonym of the word hope.

The words hope and someday are usually spoken in the same sentence or in the same thoughts. These two words seem to melt smoothly together sharing the same goals of a better and brighter future for the world and for our lives.

I hope someday….. or someday I hope…..

Just thinking of the word “someday” makes me happy and brings a smile to my face. I feel hopeful when I think of someday because I have so much hope and know that someday things will and can always get better for me, my children and the world. We just need to pray.

More often, I choose to use the word pray in place of the word hope many times in my dialogues and thoughts. The words hope and pray are very similar, but pray is a much stronger word because God is the one who will answer our prayers, hopes and dreams.

I pray often and use the word pray when I am speaking to God when making a request or plea to Him. I also pray and praise God often and confess my sins and mistakes to Him and just talk to Him for many other reasons throughout my days and life.

Of course, the words hope and pray are not always paired with the word someday and the word someday is not always paired with the words hope and pray, but they still express our feelings of expectation and desires for certain good things to happen in our lives.

I can say things like someday I will, someday my or someday this or that will happen…

For example… Someday my Prince will come…

Prince Rogers Nelson from Minneapolis best known for “Purple Rain” never did come for me and I loved him. I am from Minneapolis and I am still and will always be a huge fan of Prince. Prince is in heaven now and someday I will see Prince again….

Someday my Prince will come…

Actually I do not know if my Prince will ever truly come during my lifetime. If my Prince of a man does not come to me during my life that is perfectly fine with me. I know it is entirely up to God if and when that will ever happen for me.

Plus, this way I have more room in my heart for my three children and for God. My heart is completely available and open and full of all my love for my three beautiful, amazing and precious children God has blessed me with now and for all eternity.

I do not need a Prince of a man in my life unless God so desires that to happen. I have God in my life. He is beyond a Prince and is a King, the King of all creation and of all salvation.

Psalm 47:7

“For God is the King of all the earth; sing to Him a psalm of praise.”



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