I’m a Bigger Tigger (Daily Word Prompt is Gone)

Just call me Tigger. Most of the time I am a lot like Tigger. Watch this video and you will see what it is like to live inside my Hypomanic Bipolar brain. My brain, thoughts and words are fast and bouncy, bouncy, bouncy just like Tigger. Sometimes my mind goes too fast and I wish I could slow it down, but I can’t.


You and your brain may get very tired from watching Tigger… and my Bipolar brain.

My illness is called Bipolar Disorder 1 with mixed episodes and rapid cycling. So, that means I am not always acting and feeling like a cute rapid fast talking energetic bouncy, bouncy, bouncy made out of rubber Tigger. I have two very rapid changing mood poles.

My cute fun-loving and to be very honest sometimes too fast, energetic and annoying Tigger leaves sometimes.

When Tigger, my hypomanic mood pole is gone, my other mood pole of depression arrives and is like… Eyeore.

Eyeore is my depressed mood pole, but I usually become much slower, sadder and more depressed than Eyeore. My depression many times reaches a severe suicidal depression, unlike the slow talking and sad Eyeore.

Bipolar Disorder with mixed episodes is when mania and depression combine together at the same time.

It feels extremely awful and is very difficult and uncomfortable to live with the symptoms of bipolar disorder with mixed episodes, but I live with bipolar disorder with mixed episodes on a regular daily basis.

This next video shows what happens when Tigger and Eyeore get together. Mania and depression do not mix or combine well together, just like Tigger and eyeore do not combine or work out well together either. It is similar to what it is like to have and live with Bipolar Disorder with mixed episodes.

In “The 100 Acre Woods” where Christopher Robin, Pooh Bear, Tigger, Eyeore, Piglet, Rabbit, Owl and Kanga and Roo live together, life is very simple and full of love and friendship.

They are all good friends and love and accept each other just the way they are no matter what and always include each other in everything never leaving each other out of any Birthday parties or any other events. When Eyeore is sad, all of the friends always try to cheer him up and when Tigger is too bouncy and energetic, they don’t mind and accept him anyway.

There is no stigma in “The 100 Acre Woods.” That is very lovely and beautiful!

Unfortunately, that is not the way it is here in the real world living with Bipolar Disorder and other forms of mental illness. Most people living with any form of mental illness, including myself, have faced isolation, discrimination, stigma and shame in the past and still do today, as well.

We all need to learn many lessons from Christopher Robin and his friends in “The 100 Acre Woods.”



    1. Thank you for the comment. I love Winnie and the Pooh… I do feel like Tigger and Pooh are good examples and make it easy maybe for others to understand what mania and depression areije to some degree anyway…. Especially good for younger children and teens.


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