Wipe Your Slate Clean (Daily Word Prompt is Year)

So far my new year is going perfectly. How could it not? I am alive.

Of course, there is no better way to start the very first day of the brand new year 2017 by waking up and breathing. I appreciate that. Thank you God.

I laid in my bed this morning with my two beautiful cats greeting me as usual. Thoughts fill my mind of what to do first thing in the morning and then I slowly open both my eyes and awake to my two furry best friends saying hello and letting me know it is time for them to eat.

After my beautiful kitties nudged my arms enough telling me I should pet them, I laid in my comfy bed and pet them to make them happy. Then I slowly rolled out of bed and completed my normal morning routine.

My youngest daughter Alexia told me last night she wanted me to make my homemade braided cinnamon and sugar, glazed sweet roll bread. I told her last night that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make that as it is a lot of work.

However, upon waking up this morning I decided I loved her so much, wanted to start the year off right and make her happy. It is a Holiday after all and the first day of the brand new year. Plus, I haven’t started my diet yet.  So, I decided to make them first thing in the morning. The dough is rising as I type right now. Yummy! Yummy!

I do not have a kitchen thermometer, so I have to guess at the correct temperature of the warm water to help the yeast dissolve and then rise. I am crossing all of my fingers, toes and eyes and hoping it is going to work. So far I have usually guessed correctly on the temperature of my yeast. We will see if I am lucky again. Only time will tell. However, this morning I did write down a kitchen thermometer on my shopping list so I will not have to cross my fingers, toes and eyes, hope and worry anymore about my yeast working and rising when I make yeast bread.

I was going to make my rolls Christmas morning for her, but I never did as we just had too many other sweets and yummy food to finish making and eating on that special day.

After sitting down waiting for my bread to rise, I first sent many Happy New Year wishes to my friends and relatives on Facebook and then started to cry. This is what happens when you have a very interesting Bipolar brain. But, it is not all bad. Sometimes these are very heartfelt and loving tears and it is a blessing to be so sensitive, compassionate and loving like I am. I thank God for those gifts and have been told that not everyone has those type of gifts that really only do come from God. Thank you God.

I am absolutely amazed how my brain and moods can change so quickly. Also, I sometimes love how sensitive I am and how my heart can quickly fill up with so much love and strong feelings for others that I cry happy tears of compassion and love for others from stories I hear and see. This is actually a beautiful feeling I cannot truly explain in words. My tears do the talking for me.

I am and always will be a Minnesota Vikings fan and I cried while I was watching a story about many of the Vikings players. The program shared how many of these players were sharing their hearts and kindness by giving to others through their own charities and in other ways as well. The television program showed them interacting lovingly with others they helped. I felt deeply from the love of their words and actions that it lovingly touched my heart so much I cried with loving and happy feelings of compassion.

Then soon my happy tears stopped. Boom, bang, bing that is how my moods, heart and mind work sometimes.

There is just so much beauty and love in the world and within me. I love that part of myself. There is nothing better than giving, helping and loving others.

I just checked my sweet roll dough and it rising. Yay! Maybe not as quickly as I thought the dough would rise but still it is rising. Slow and steady is good.

Last year 2016 is over and every day, struggle, bad or good situation from last year is over and is in the past. Last year is over. Wipe the days of the past away. Wipe your slate clean. It is time for a brand new start and a brand new year with hope that it is going to be a great year. Maybe even the best year ever. You deserve the best in life. We all do!!!

I wrote some News Years Resolutions and a post related to the New Year yesterday, but I am going to add a few more similar and good New Years Resolutions for myself again. I love the New Year and the beautiful new possibilities of a new year filled with goodness, faith, love and hope.

My New Year’s Resolutions for the New Year 2017

  1. Lose weight.
  2. Be healthy.
  3. Exercise
  4. Become a better writer and blogger.
  5. Research more about blogging.
  6. Read more posts and blogs.
  7. Stop complaining about driving my daughter so much and just accept it. (She is an awesome young girl and that is why she is so busy and in so many activities. Alexia is a Junior in High School and is my youngest child. After next year she will be in college, hopefully, and then I will be alone and will be the crazy cat lady…. hahaha… so I need to cherish each and every moment I have with her).
  8. Go to church more… again.
  9. Read my bible.
  10. Continue writing my memoir and try to finish it… and find a publisher. This is a big dream, but we need to have dreams.
  11. Stay out of the Psychiatric hospital all year.
  12. Do not have a suicidal depression this year.
  13. Fight and live with my Bipolar Disorder symptoms successfully.
  14. Stop isolating myself in my home and get out of the house and live life outside my home with other people.
  15. Love and appreciate all people.
  16. Make new friends.
  17. Serve the Lord.
  18. Share my heart and love with others and let Jesus’ love shine through me so brightly to everyone I meet and encounter that people will need to wear sunglasses… haha…
  19. Worship, praise and thank my God always!

I hope and pray you all have a very Merry, Happy, Joyful, Love-filled, Healthy and blessed New Year 2017!!! May your heart and life overflow with blessings!!!





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