My Bumpy Bipolar Train Ride (Daily Word Prompt is Mope)

I felt no hope

and couldn’t cope.

Would have to mope 

until I could elope

from the pain

inside my brain.


Death and darkness were all I knew,

suicidal thoughts increased and grew.

Overdosing on pills was the only thing I knew to do,

constant suicidal thoughts yelling and shouting too.


My bottles of pills screaming at me,

time to end your misery and be free.

Take them all

they would call.


I never chose a gun, bridge or rope,

once numbed the pain with a little dope.

Can’t scrub death away with a bar of soap,

time to quit this mean melancholy mope.


My thoughts fight

throughout the night,

back and forth,

forth and back,

help and yelp,

yelp and help,

tug and ugh,

ugh, ugh, ugh.


Hurry ugly dark depressed Bipolar pain

take a trip back on the hypomanic train.

Travel away from this deadly mood hole

and journey back to my happy north pole.


I don’t want to leave and be gone forever from this earth.

I love my three beautiful children from which I gave birth.


My bumpy bipolar train ride of life

and strife

has traveled back again to survive

and thrive.


I worship and praise and thank my God above

for saving me and giving me a life full of love.



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