My Internal Standing Ovation of Love (Daily Word Prompt is Ovation)

Hello. I cannot believe that it has been twelve days since my last blog post. Time sure flies. I have missed my very own blog friend and this beautiful blogging community. Writing is very therapeutic for me and I love challenging myself to writing new posts and educating myself in many areas of life and improving my writing skills. Plus, I love reading other blogs, learning from all of you and gaining insightful inspirations on writing, love and life.

As you all know, CHRISTmas visited all of us and it was time to celebrate Jesus’ Birthday. I love EVERYTHING about celebrating this very special day and Holiday, so I had many things to accomplish to make the event be as beautiful and special as I could for my family. Therefore, there was no time for me to write on my blog.

My CHRISTmas was beautiful, full of love and all of the special Christmas traditions my family has had for years. As my children are growing up, some things have changed of course, but still the important things have remained the same.

The most important part of CHRISTmas for us is celebrating Jesus’ birthday by filling my home and my heart and my children’s hearts with beauty and love.

I feel like I was successful at accomplishing my goal as I feel my home was full of the beauty and love from the Holy spirit, so our hearts were filled with love and happiness throughout the CHRISTmas Holiday.

Even though there was an overabundance of yummy food and cookies, candies, and other sweet treats to eat and beautifully wrapped gifts to open from each other, the most important and always my most favorite and best gifts of all are the many spoken words and unspoken gifts of love that come from our hearts and souls to each other filling our hearts and souls with love and happy memories.

For all of the hours of joyful work I did to make our CHRISTmas Holiday special, I did not get a standing ovation of loud applause from my children and I do not need one. Instead I received a huge internal standing ovation of love from my children that has caused my heart to overflow with joy, love and peace.

Thank you God for the best gifts and blessings of my three children.

Happy Birthday Jesus.

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