The Best Christmas Gifts Ever (Daily Word Prompt is Construct)

Yesterday I began to construct my home into a beautiful indoor Christmas Winter Wonderland. Over the years I have gradually accumulated many Christmas decorations and ornaments. Some of them I bought from the store, some were gifts, and some of them I made myself. Of course, the most special decorations and ornaments came from my three children and were made by them for me each CHRISTmas Holiday.

With my Christmas music loudly singing beautiful melodies and lyrics of Christmas love and joy throughout my home, I begin the slow process of finding each box labelled with the word Christmas on it. Opening each box and then unwrapping the paper covering each decoration with anticipation as if I were opening a brand new gift.

After I unwrap the paper from each decoration, sometimes I am pleasantly surprised with a familiar reminder of this special decoration and happy memories filling my heart and mind of past years lived and memories experienced and shared with those I love.

Most of the special home made gifts that came from my children were made by them while they were in Elementary school. They carefully constructed each part of these special gifts thinking and knowing how much I, their mommy, would love their beautiful gifts they lovingly and carefully constructed and created for me.

I will cherish each and everyone of these homemade Christmas decorations from my children and will never depart of them regardless of how worn out and torn they become, gluing and taping them back together to preserve their beauty, love and memories forever.

While lovingly holding, cherishing and admiring these precious Christmas decorations my children made for me, my heart becomes warm and flooded with special memories of each of them and the love I will always have and feel for them. My love for them seems to increase with each passing year of our lives.

I love being able to share the beauty, joys and love of CHRISTmas with them and creating more and new happy memories each year.

December is here and it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere I go with decorations and lights filling the outside of  homes and streets everywhere and now it is even beginning to look a lot like Christmas inside my home.

However, I live in Wisconsin where it is cold and we are missing something….


I am dreaming of a white Christmas…..



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