Together We Can End Suicide One Voice at a Time (Daily Word Prompt is Faded)

I wrote this poem after hearing about the loss of a beautiful young man named Drew. I do not know his family but I am saddened by the pain of their loss. Also, I did not know Drew but feel like we are connected in some way as I too am a lifelong member of the horrific debilitating Bipolar Disorder Club. I understand and feel his pain he must have lived with for many years of his life. I too suffer from severe Bipolar Disorder and have knocked on death’s door too many times and have been very close to my demise.


Suicide is a slow gradual painful decline

of a life and identity once known

A body slowly losing the ability to feel

and know the spirit still living inside them

They feel nothing

but emptiness

Their spirit faded from within their soul

No thoughts of hope, faith or living

Death has called them

and they answer

Without their spirit

death overpowers and wins

Bipolar Disorder loses another battle

 fought so many times before

The bomb inside a Bipolar brain

explodes destroying the life it surrounds

Another beautiful life stolen

by the disease

inside a Bipolar brain

and overtaken by suicide


Rest in Peace

in Heaven

where there is no more pain

caused by a




Please know that this beautiful young man, spirit and soul did not want to leave this earth or his family or friends forever, he just could not bear the severe debilitating internal pain he was struggling with anymore. He felt like there was no other way to get rid of his pain. He loves you all deeply forever and always.

Also, know and realize that it was not anyone’s fault. There was nothing you could do or say to change what happened. It was Bipolar Disorder that killed him and nothing else. Also, this illness is not a disorder. It should be called a Bipolar Disease or a brain disease, as it is a very severe disease that happens to be in the brain.


Click on this link or on the bottom of my post if you want to read Drew Christensen’s Obituary which was in the Minneapolis Star and Tribune. I congratulate and praise his parents for saying his death was caused by suicide due to suffering from Bipolar Disorder for so many years. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

More people need to do the same as his parents are doing so we can increase awareness and education about mental illness, reduce the stigma of mental illness and end suicide.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Christensen from the bottom of my heart for your strength, courage, honesty and desire to help educate about bipolar disorder and mental illness and reduce the stigma of mental illness. Hugs and blessings to you always and forever.

Remember together

we can all reduce the stigma of mental illness

and end suicide

one voice at a time. 





    1. Thank you. I was worried that my post would be so sad or too sad to many readers….. but I want to use my post to educate and make people aware as much as possible. I am new to this and do not know how to find readers on the web etc. I must learn how to twitter etc. The problem with my honesty sometimes is that it is unfortunately so true and real… and too many people in life must face these tragedies. The disease is very painful and people do need to become more aware of the truth to help save lives. Yes Drew is at peace now but I am saddened for the loss and pain felt for the family and friends left here on earth. How sad. I feel for them. I did not know him but he was a friend of my friends son. I love how the parents shared the truth though. Yay for them!!!


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