My New Novel of My New Bipolar Life

Since I was a young girl, I have had many thoughts that I would live a shortened life

I do not know why I had those thoughts.

 I just did.

I am 53 years old now so that is not that short of a life and I plan on continuing to live for many many more years.

However, I believe that I did die much earlier when the severity of my Bipolar Disorder increased.

At that time, my life, brain and identity of myself as I once knew it

 died and vanished somewhere into thin air.

Poof… I was gone

I no longer existed

 I died when I was about about 30 years old.

The old me died forever, never to be seen or the same again

That Sue was gone, died, dead and buried somewhere

no Obituary written, funeral or tombstone ever to be found.

There are some bits and fragmented pieces of the old Sue

that still exist within me now

and stay with me as I have written and coninue writing a brand new story full of words, pages and chapters of a beautiful brand new life

This new novel is full of many different kinds of chapters

some chapters are full of near death experiences, struggles, sadness and many tears

with many more chapters now gradually progressing to a new life of hope, God, rebirth, love, perseverance and inspiration

I cannot wait to continue writing and reading the many new chapters of my life of hope, healing, inspiration, joy, happiness and love

This is my great new novel of life


  1. Wow, I believe all of us at one time do a rebirth. Mine was when I left my abusive husband. You won’t find that I write about that part of my life, but all the great things happening now in my life. Your rebirth sounds incredible.


    1. Thank you so much and everyday I am still working on improving my rebirth. I never thought about how everyone probably has a rebirth of some kind. Great point. Thank you for sharing. Sorry you had to deal with an abusive husband and it is fine you don’t write about that part of your life. I am happy you made it away from him. Hugs.


  2. Oh my gosh I’m not bipolar but I know exactly how it feels to have your old self die and you have to pick up the pieces and move on. (You can probably tell because of the title of my blog! 😂) Nice post!

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