Too Much Mythical Mythology Ology (Daily Word Prompt is Mythical)

Mythical mythology


shiny gynecology



too much terminology

most words ending in ology

are the study of some sort of ology


my apology

I cryology

for all of this ology

this has been phonology funology

but my apology

for all of this ology



a cow must study mooology

Woah is me oh Sociology

I am nervous about my neurology

I gotta pee oh better get urology


My Bipolar ology

PTSD ology

is a mental illness ology

we definitely need pharmacology

and of course thank God for hope and faith and His theology

again please accept my apology

for way too much of this silly old ology

which all started with the word mythology

the study of mythology

mythical mythology


I have been thinking that I have been posting so many serious posts lately that I thought I would throw this silly little poem in to lighten up my blog a little bit. I hope you enjoyed my silly little poemology. Have a very healthy, happy and blessed “the weekend before Thanksgiving” weekend everyone. Hugs!


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